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Top 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks on the Market Right Now

Sub-ohm tanks are fast becoming the vaper’s choice when it comes to new atomisers, but what is a sub-ohm tank?

It’s a phrase used to describe any tank where the atomiser coil has a resistance that is lower than one ohm. You may also have heard them referred to as ‘cloud tanks’ or ‘cloud e-cigarettes’.
The purpose of sub ohm atomiser coils is to allow you to run your tank at a high power output (high being in the 30-75 watt range, and sometimes even up to 150w or higher), without over-discharging your battery. This allows the coils to get much warmer than in a regular atomiser, which is important for creating big clouds. (Please bear in mind, the battery you intend to use to power a sub-ohm tank needs to have a high amp limit, to ensure that it is able to put out such a large amount of power so quickly without overheating.)

Why is a hotter coil more important?


Well, Cloud E-Liquids use a higher proportion of VG (vegetable glycerine) in the base mix, which makes them thicker than juices with more PG (propylene glycol).
VG is used to produce the visible clouds of vapour most e-cigarettes create, and by having more in the mix you’re able to create bigger clouds. Most cloud juices are in the 70% VG 30% PG range, with some even thicker at around 80% VG, and some a little thinner, closer to 60% VG.
To create the largest vapour cloud possible you need a hot coil to vaporise the e-liquid quickly, and enough airflow through the tank to cool the vapour so it isn’t too hot to enjoy (more airflow also lends volume to the cloud of vapour). Sub-ohm tanks excel in this regard.

Why would you want bigger clouds?
One of the main reasons people enjoy big cloud vaping is to get a satisfying ‘hit’ each time they vape. The concentration of flavour is better the more vapour you have, and you can get that nicotine ‘kick’ with very low strength e-liquids (3mg is the most popular), thereby allowing you to keep your intake relatively low.

Using a high-strength e-liquid in a sub-ohm tank is a recipe for coughing and unpleasant sensations, so you’ll want to stick with low strengths. TABlites recommend something in 6mg or below.

But which sub-ohm tank is right for you?


Below we’ve got a breakdown of our five most popular sub-ohm tanks to make it easier for you to find a tank that will suit you.

5. The Vaptio PT1 Cloud Tank


This fantastic little tank from the relatively unknown Vaptio produces great clouds and the replaceable atomiser heads give a consistently good flavour overall. This tank has a 2ml capacity, so you may find yourself filling it a little more often than some other tanks.
The atomiser heads are Vaptio’s own 0.2ohm P1 Replacement Atomiser Heads.
Click to view the Vaptio PT1 Cloud Tank.

4. The Kanger TopTank Mini


Kanger have been a big name in the world of sub-ohm tanks since they released the popular Subtank and its variants, the Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano.
Now the TopTank Mini arrives to improve on the already popular design.
Using Kanger’s OCC or SSOCC replaceable atomiser heads, the Kanger TopTank Mini offers fantastic performance, and the newly designed top-filling system allows you to top off your e-liquid without having to dismantle your tank, which was the main annoyance of the previous design.
This tank has a 4ml e-liquid capacity, meaning more vaping time between refills.
Click to view the Kanger TopTank Mini.

3. The Artery 49er


Artery’s 49er sub-ohm tank is available in both 4ml and 2ml capacities, so you can pick the size that’s going to best suit you and your devices.
Artery offer a wide range of replacement atomiser heads for the 49er, allowing you to use it on a regular variable wattage device with its 0.5 ohm Kanthal coils, or on practically any temperature control device using 0.2 ohm nickel, 0.4 ohm titanium or 0.8 ohm stainless steel coils, too.
All of the options provide good vapour production and very good flavour. The 49er also features a top-filling system so you don’t have to take your tank apart to get your e-liquid in there.
Click here to view the Artery 49er.

2. The Innokin iSub G


Innokin have long been the one of the best regarded manufacturers of e-cigarettes around, and the iSub G makes it easy to see why.
An upgrade from their regular iSub cloud tank, the iSub G uses stainless steel and Pyrex glass for quality construction. Its 4.5 ml tank gives the user much more vaping between refills. The tank uses Innokin’s replaceable iSub atomiser heads, and a ‘no spill coil change’ system that means changing your atomiser head doesn’t involve having to empty your tank first. The heads of 0.5 ohm kanthal coils with Japanese organic cotton as a wicking material (the first choice for most DIY coil builders).

This ensures fantastic flavour and great vapour production. This tank is well worth a look.
Click hwere to view the Innokin iSub G.

1.       The Aspire Cleito


Aspire have very much cemented themselves into the minds of vapers as the very best when it comes to sub-ohm tanks.
The Aspire Cleito features a super easy filling system (just screw off the top and throw your juice into the tank, simple!) and the unique replaceable atomiser heads do away with the built in internal chimney that almost all tanks use.
Instead the atomiser head takes up the whole space that a chimney would sit, offering a huge surface area for the cotton wicking material to soak up e-liquid. This passes it onto the ‘claptonised’ kanthal coil that runs vertically up through the head. This increase in surface area allows for a stunning amount of vapour and absolutely excellent flavour. (‘clapton’ wire is wire that has another wire wrapped around it. This increases the surface area of the coil and allows for more vapour and greater flavour).
Click here to view the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Atomiser Tank.
This tank has a 4.5ml capacity, with the option of replacing the glass portion for a 5ml ‘Fat Boy’ tank.
Click here to view the Aspire Cleito 5ml ‘Fat Boy’ Replacement Glass Tank.

We hope this rundown of our top 5 sub-ohm tanks has been helpful, and hopefully you have a greater understanding of sub-ohm vaping in general.

What’s your favourite sub-ohm tank?
Let us know in the comments below.

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