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Vape Tanks & Mouth To Lung Clearomisers

Vape tanks come in many varieties to accommodate all styles of vaping. Here at Tablites we offer a vape tank to suit every vaper from a simple MTL Clearomiser (clearomizer) to a Sub Ohm coil cloud machine.

Mouth To Lung Vape Clearomisers

Clearomisers are one of the earliest forms of a refillable tank. They are usually very easy to use and extremely affordable, they produce a decent amount of vapour but often excel in flavour due to tighter airflow.

Clearomisers are great for new vapers as the restricted airflow closely mimics that of a traditional tobacco cigarette, which many new users find helps them transition over to vaping much easier.

Popular mouth to lung tanks (MTL Tanks) from this range include the Innokin iClear 16, Aspire K1 Plus and Aspire K3 to name a few.

Tablites Premium Range liquid is a match made in heaven for these tanks as it is nice and thin allowing the coils to wick perfectly. Most clearomisers do not have a removable drip tip.

Standard Vape Tanks

A good middle ground for a vape tank would be an Aspire Nautilus 2s for example. These Vape Tanks have the build quality of a high end device with the ease of use of a clearomiser. Tanks of this type often have more features such as adjustable airflow and top filling.

Standard vape tanks are also great for pairing with a box mod as they are often have a larger tank section, which looks much more suitable on larger vaping mods, they also don’t need anywhere near as much power so you will see much more battery life from your vaping devices.

The Innokin T20s and Aspire Tigon are also superb examples of this style of vape tank. Grab one today and you won’t be disappointed!

Perfectly suited to 50/50 liquids and nicotine salts to give the best balance of vapour production and flavour.

Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

Sub ohm vape tanks are the most powerful tanks on the market where everything is turned up to eleven. They require more liquid, larger sub ohm resistance coils and require much more power to run, but the results are nothing short of mind boggling.

The vapour and flavour production from a sub ohm tank is like nothing else where you can literally fill a room with sweet smelling thick clouds of vapour. You will need a high VG based vape juice for these tanks as it is much thicker, which is perfectly balanced for the supplied coils, wicking material and juice flow.

The Odan from Aspire is not only a thing of beauty but works better than any other tank of this type at lower wattages so you will get increased battery life to vape harder for longer.

Smok are the king of the sub ohm tank with many of their devices and tanks designed specifically for huge vapour production and a top end vaping experience.

No matter what types of vape kits/mods you use TABlites have the right Vape Tank for you. Buy online or pop into your nearest TABlites Vape Shop Today!