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The Ultimate Guide to E-Cigarettes

The only guide to e-cigarettes you will ever need!

One of the most popular new trends which has emerged in recent years is e-cigarettes. However, if you choose to make the transition from regular smoking to electronic cigarettes, it’s easy to get confused. There’s an abundance of information currently available and it can often feel overwhelming for beginners.

This ultimate guide will give you an overview of all the important information relating to e-cigarettes, whether you are a novice or simply want to learn more about e-cigarettes in general.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Although there are a number of different e-cigarettes on the market, the following information is relevant to the majority.

Inside the cartridge of an electronic cigarette is an atomiser. This is a separate part that needs to be screwed onto the end of your e-cigarette. A wick extends from the bottom of the cartridge and soaks up the e-liquid, drawing it down into the atomiser.

The atomiser will activate when you inhale or simply press the button. When you inhale, the atomiser heats up the e-liquid and stimulates the nicotine. A vapour is then created which looks like smoke, although it does not contain the toxins associated with regular cigarettes.

The vapour which is produced during the process is propylene glycol. It’s completely safe. The chemical is used in cosmetics, medicines, stage smoke and even air conditioners.

What’s an e-liquid?

No matter what electronic cigarette you choose, an e-liquid is required. This is also true if the e-cigarette is a prefilled cartomizer or a fluid tank system.

E-liquids consist of a fairly simple solution and contain the following three ingredients:

Nicotine: The main stimulant that you find in normal cigarettes, which people find addictive is nicotine. When you choose an e-liquid, you can opt for a nicotine strength that is best suited to you. These are available with either a vegetable glycerin or propylene base.

Flavouring: Nicotine doesn’t actually have a discernible taste. However, a significant reason that people are drawn to e-cigarettes is that they have the choice of flavour. Some have a standard tobacco taste and others offer something more excotic, such as rainbow fruit.

Diluents: The final aspect of e-liquids is the diluent. It has three main functions:

  • It dilutes the mixture of both flavour and nicotine so that it’s at the correct strength.
  • It adds the part of a solution that creates the vapour, allowing it to transport the nicotine and flavours from the e-cigarette to the user.
  • Finally it creates what is known as the “throat hit”. This is the sensation a user can experience when both the vapour and flavour hits the back of their throat.

Which strength is best for me?

When you first start smoking an e-cigarette, it can often be a difficult process when trying to ascertain the best strength for you. A good general rule is that 12mg is the same as a fairly weak cigarette. 18mg might be more appropriate if you smoke cigarettes regularly and 24mg if you are used to strong cigarettes.

Given that nicotine doesn’t have all of the chemical additives you normally inhale with standard cigarettes, it tends to get absorbed more slowly in the body. For this reason, there’s a chance you may prefer a higher strength e-liquid strength. You can then adjust the strength to a level that suits your tastes.

How does an e-cigarette compare to a normal cigarette?

Weight: One of the first things you’ll notice with an e-cigarette is the weight. Although both disposable and regular varieties don’t weigh much at all, it’s still likely that you’ll feel a difference. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get used to the weight difference and as time goes on you may want to use a heavier model.

Taste: Depending on the cigarettes you smoke and the e-cigarette flavour you prefer, the taste may be incredibly similar. You may wish to choose a flavour similar to regular cigarettes, such as menthol or tobacco, and then further down the line try something a bit more exciting such as Decadent Lemon Meringue.

Throat hit: One of the biggest topics that e-cigarette users discuss is the ‘hit’ at the back of your throat after you inhale with an electronic cigarette. It does, however, depend on the e-cigarette you use. The hit can can range from a slight tickle to one identical to a normal cigarette.

What type of electronic cigarettes are there?

There are two main types of e-cigarettes that you are able to choose from:

Disposable e-cigarettes

One of the main reasons that people like disposable e-cigarettes is due to their availability. There are also simple to use. You don’t need an e-liquid or any chargers, so it’s trouble free.

Regular e-cigarettes

These e-cigarettes are intended for long term use compared to the disposable versions. You also have much more freedom when it comes to choosing the flavours, as you aren’t restricted to the options that come included.

Given that these e-cigarettes are used for a long time, they periodically need charging . You simply plug the e-cigarette into a laptop or computer, through the use of a USB connector, and in a short space of time the device will be fully charged.

E-cigarettes and the future

Hopefully this guide will answer any questions that you have about e-cigarettes. If you do have any additional questions, please contact us today. Our expert staff at TABlites have the experience and knowledge to assist you with any potential query.


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