Tablites Loyalty Points ('TABpoints')

Start collecting TABpoints today to make savings on your favourite TABlites products!

How do TABpoints work?

Once you make an account with us, every time you place an order here at TABlites you'll recieve a number of TABpoints (You even get some points for making your account!). With TABpoints, you can get amazing discounts on your next order or orders, so the more you spend, the more you can save! Your TABpoints account will be automatically updated each time you make an order via our website, so you won't need to worry about manually updating it. You'll be able to see how many points you have collected when you log into your account. 

How can I spend TABpoints?

Once you've logged in to your account and picked your products, click 'Shopping Cart' and it will take you to your Cart to view your items. You will also see a text box in the bottom left that allows you to type in the amount of points you'd like to use on that order, just type in the number and click 'Apply Points'. You could either spend them all right away, or save them up to treat yourself to something special later on! You don't have to use any points at all if you want to keep hold of them, just leave the box empty to keep saving your TABpoints!


Can I earn extra TABpoints?

At TABlites, we often run special offers that will help you to earn extra points, so make sure you look out for them! Also, certain products will be worth more points. We ocassionally run events that allow you to earn 10 times the usual number of TABpoints in one transaction, so check back regularly to see when the next event is!

You can also earn points by leaving reviews on products, or introducing your friends and family to TABlites with our 'Refer A Friend' system.

Every £1 that you spend on the TABlites website will be converted into TABpoints, so what are you waiting for?

Register your account on the TABlites website and start saving today!

Full TABpoints Terms and Conditions can be found here.