Tablites Loyalty Points ('TABpoints')

We recently received notification from the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) detailing how we are allowed to advertise and promote products which can be used to deliver nicotine.

How does this affect you?
Unfortunately, the ASA and CAP have ruled that the use of Loyalty Points or Reward Schemes such as TABPoints is purely promotional and therefore not allowed under the current advertising laws in the United Kingdom.

What was the ASA and CAP's stance on Loyalty Points?
Their exact stance is as follows: "Where consumers could accrue points from the purchase of, and spend rewards on, unlicensed nicotine- containing e-cigarettes and their components, it was established that such an approach had the effect of incentivising consumers and went beyond providing factual information about the products".

What happens next?
We have been told to suspend our Loyalty Point Scheme by Monday the 22nd of April, as a result we will be phasing out the TABPoints system over this month. This means as of today, you will no longer be able to accrue any new TABPoints for purchases through our website.

What about the TABPoints I already have?
Your current points are safe until Monday the 22nd of April. You will be eligible to use your saved reward points until this date, but unable to accrue any new TABPoints. After the 22nd of April, we will no longer be allowed to honor any saved TABPoints on your account so please make sure to use them to avoid disappointment.

We understand and share the frustration caused by this decision but we must to conform with the regulations set out by the ASA/CAP. We will do our best to meet their exacting standards while maintaining the quality of service you've come to expect from TABlites.