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Cyclone eGo-C Instructions

Here are some tips and instructions on using the TABlites Cyclone eGo-C.

How to assemble the eGo-C

Unscrew cone and base. If you find it difficult to unscrew it can use a coin in the indentations in the base to help loosen them.
The atomiser head then sits on the atomiser base with the point facing upwards. Once the atomiser head is in place the cone and base can be screwed back together. Each head will last 2-8 weeks depending on usage.
Take a tank cartridge. Remove the small plastic cap on the top and fill the tank with liquid. Do not fill all the way to the top so there is room for the cap to be replaced. The cap can then be replaced on the tank.
Screw your assembled atomiser onto the Cyclone battery.
The tank can then be inserted into the atomiser cone.
When refilling, turn the device upside down before removing the tank. This will ensure the atomiser cone does not fill with e-liquid. Then remove the cap, fill with liquid and replace the cap. Before inserting the tank back into the atomiser cone wipe any excess liquid from the tank and from inside the cone. If you allow the liquid to build up inside it will lead to leaking.

Using the Cyclone

The Cyclone battery is fitted with a ‘5 click’ safety and energy saving feature. Simple click the button 5 times quickly to turn the device on or off. We recommend turning the Cyclone off when not in use to avoid the battery being accidentally turned on when in your pocket or bag.
To use, simply hold down the button and inhale on the device. A slower draw will produce the most vapour and the best results.

Preventing the eGo-C Leaking

The Cyclone eGo-C is a specialist electronic cigarette designed to deliver the ultimate ‘vaping’ experience. As such it needs to be looked after and operated in the correct manner. To ensure your cyclone never leaks follow these simple instructions;

- If you allow the e-liquid to build up inside the cone it will eventually leak.
-  Keep all parts clean and free from e-liquid. We recommend you always wipe all the parts clean when refilling (the tank and inside the cone).
- Do not remove the tank cartridges unless they need to be refilled. When you do remove the tank cartridge we recommend wiping the tank clean of any e-liquid before reinserting it back into the cone. The cone should also be cleaned of any e-liquid before the tank is replaced.
- We recommend dismantling the cone, base and head every couple of days to clean all the parts and keep them free from e-liquid.
- Please ensure you do not blow down the device when inhaling on it. This is one of the most common reasons for leaking and many users are not aware they are doing it. After each inhalation take the Cyclone away from your lips before exhaling.
- E-liquid should not come through the tanks and into your mouth. If it does it means the e-liquid is building up inside the atomiser cone and is entering the airflow holes in the tank. Simply wipe the excess liquid from inside the cone and wash all liquid out of the mouthpiece.
- If you still experience problems with the eGo-C atomiser system we also have other atomisers and clearomisers available that may suit your needs better. The CE4 Clearomiser is very popular and is very easy to fill and won’t leak. Please contact us on 0161 8324311 or return the product to where it was purchased and we will find you a suitable solution.


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