Taffy Man E-Liquid

Taffy Man E-Liquid
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Taffy Man E-Liquids are created in the United States using only the finest ingredients to produce flavours that are sure to become your new favourites!

Made in sunny California to invoke the classic American flavour of saltwater taffy infused with sweet and delicous fruit flavours, each Taffy Man E-Liquid is made with a 70% VG base mixture for the perfect combination of flavour and thick, satisfying vapour. All available in 3mg nicotine strength.

Flavours in the Taffy Man E-Liquids Range:

  • B1G APL - A sweet and sour green apple candy.
  • H2OBERRY - A refreshing mix of watermalon and strawberry.
  • K3NANA - A unique banana and kiwi mixture.
  • TR4BLU - Sweet and tangy blue raspberry.
  • GR8APE - A grape flavour as powerful as its namesake.