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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

TABlites E-Liquids

TABlites E-Liquids

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TABlites Premium E-Liquids

At TABlites we believe in offering vapers an enhanced experience with our premium range of e-liquids. Our range is high in quality and carefully crafted to create a vaping experience unlike any other e-cigarette brand by focusing on a user’s personal taste.

Our range includes a whole basket of fruit flavours, such as orange, passion fruit, mango, melon and lime; an array of original smoker flavours, including classic tobacco and USA Blend; and for those with a real penchant for sweetness, we offer cheesecake, vanilla or cola flavours, too.

From our industry expertise, we know that taste and flavour make all the difference between one brand of e-liquid and another, or even between vaping and smoking tobacco altogether. We also stock our TABlites e-liquids in various nicotine strengths, to suit all users (0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg).

Flavours in the TABlites E-Liquids range:

  • Menthol E-Liquid - A cool, crisp and refreshing e-liquid with a little kick and a heap of flavour.
  • Triple Menthol E-Liquid - Three menthol flavours all at once! A refreshing little e-liquid with a great kick and barrels of flavour.
  • Spearmint E-Liquid - Spearmint is a classic flavour that really reminds us of certain quite Soft Mints or chewing gum.
  • Apple E-Liquid - This e-liquid has a crisp, sweet and juicy flavour of fresh apples.
  • Blueberry E-Liquid - Blueberry is subtly sweet and filled to bursting with juicy delicious flavour.
  • Cheesecake E-Liquid - Vanilla with hints of pie-crust and a sweetness that makes this E-Liquid taste just like a cheesecake.
  • Cherry E-Liquid - A tangy, sweet and juicy cherry. One of our most popular fruity flavours.
  • Peach E-Liquid - A peach flavour so juicy it almost bursts out of the bottle.
  • Blackberry E-Liquid - A delicious, fruity e-liquid with the distinctive tang of fresh blackberry juice.
  • Strawberry E-Liquid - A juicy and delicious Strawberry E-Liquid packed full of sweet, succulent flavour.
  • Tobacco E-Liquid - Our signature tobacco flavour.
  • USA Blend E-Liquid - USA Blend Tobacco adds a new dimension to tobacco flavoured e-liquids.
  • Mango E-Liquid - Taste the exotic with this pallet cleansing tropical Mango flavour. A sweet, ripe and juicy vape.
  • Raspberry E-Liquid - A ripe and succulent burst of Raspberry flavour. Delicious yet subtle.
  • Vanilla E-Liquid - The slightly sweet, warm flavour of vanilla is an absolute classic.
  • Watermelon E-Liquid - Clean and unbelievably refreshing, Watermelon E-Liquid is a little taste of summer whatever the weather.
  • Strawberry Mint E-Liquid - Our fantastic Strawberry flavour mixed with a touch of cool, minty Menthol.
  • Red Cola E-Liquid - A subtle cola flavour with bite.
  • Lemon & Lime E-Liquid - A burst of citrus to get your tastebuds tingling.

TABlites Own E Liquid Ranges

Juice by TABlites: Juice E-Liquid is made exclusively for TABlites and has some of the roundest flavours available on the market today!

Tobacco by TABLites: Ideal if you’re trying to stop smoking, or if you simply enjoy the taste of fine tobacco.

ICE by TABlites: Ice E-Liquid comes with a refreshing burst of mint or fruity cool menthol packed into a 10ml bottle.

TABlites High VG: Made with a 70% VG base for the best combination of great flavour and smooth satisfying vapour.


Here at TABlites we’re absolutely dedicated to providing you with only the very best e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories sourced from around the world. All our products are tried and tested so you can shop with confidence across our stores and website.


We offer next day delivery on all of our products, so you can get your TABlites starter kits, clearomisers, accessories, e-liquid, ‘mods’, atomisers and everything else as soon as possible.


We’ve grown considerably since TABlites was first founded, and we now have a number of stores nationwide, so you can purchase your essential electronic cigarette products throughout the UK and online too!