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20 Items

Simple essentials range of UK-made eliquids by Simple Vape Co.

As the name suggests Simple Essentials Vape Liquid is an extensive range of simple, no fuss flavours that are classic all day vapes and won’t break the bank. You're bound to find something for everyone in this range of e liquids.

Simple Essentials has a strong tobacco and menthol flavour presence with a few excellent fruity and dessert flavoured e liquids thrown into the mixture, which really round out the range perfectly.

Quality ingredients, UK made and 3x 10ml bottles for £9.99 Simple Essentials vape juice are just that, simply essential to your vaping setup.

Made to a mix of 50% Propylene glycol and 50% Vegetable glycerine, simple essentials is a range of vape e liquids suitable for most electronic cigarette starter vape kits and pod systems.

Available in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths to suit all sorts of vapers.

This type of e liquid is suitable for new vapers. You don't need to worry about high vg short fill e-liquids and adding nicotine shots. Just add this liquid to your favourite starter kit and away you go.

Check out the Manufacturer's flavour descriptions below:

Apple Apple

- "Classic, juicy, a little sour and a bit sweet."

Berry Ice

- "Berries with a sharp blast of frost."


- "An easy, cool, fresh Blackcurrant recipe that is sure to impress."


- "An easy, cool, fresh blueberry recipe that is sure to impress."


- "With the delights of the summer, you’ll become a cherry lover. Come and pop your Cherry."


- "This a classic iconic flavour that will take for a trip down memory lane and keep you coming back for more of that sweet taste of Cola."

Cream Tobacco

- "Cream Tobacco is a sweet rich tobacco with a smooth creamy after taste."

Deluxe Tobacco

- "Delicious Caramel in a typical Tobacco flavouring."

Double Menthol

- "Bring a new meaning to DM this refreshing flavor is for those of who love extra strong mints."


- "A Mango that tastes fresh and rich with a exotic nuance."


- "A sharp and refreshing menthol flavour with a cool minty aftertaste."


- "Peach is a lovely sweet ripe peach flavour bursting with freshness."

Peppermint Menthol

- "Peppermint Menthol Is a true tribute to peppermint but with a lush cool menthol exhale it will not disappoint." 

Purple Grape

- "Light and refreshing. Sweet and subtle."

Rum Tobacco

- "Rum Tobacco is a rich tobacco with sweet spiced rum after taste."


- "Spearmint, like a peppermint, just shaped differently."


- "A delicious garden ripe strawberry. Succulent, fragrant fruit is as beautiful as it is flavourful."

Super Fruits

- "Super Fruits is honestly one of the best fruit combinations ever with sweet ripe fruity tones it keeps your taste buds craving more." 


- "This tasty tobacco flavour gives a subtle reminder of what we all used to love about smoking, works great as an all day vape."

Vanilla Custard

- "A beautifully soft and creamy custard flavour."