TABlites E-Liquid Customer Reviews

 TABlites Customer Reviews

At TABlites, we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best electronic cigarette products available, and our customers certainly think that our products are excellent. 


Oliver, Stoke

Brilliant Company, would highly recommend.


Nicky, Chingford

Just started yesterday and I know sounds stupid but don't want a cig


Derek, Aberdeen

 I've tested lots of different e-cig products and TABlites is by far the best on the market. Their products are top quality and the customer service is fantastic. I was smoking over 20 cigarettes a day and I've not smoked one since I moved over to TABlites.. Thank you TABlites changing my life!!! I feel a new man because of you!!


Andre, London

Was on 40 cigs a day, been vaping for 3 months now and not 1 craving.


Shaun, Manchester

I know I'll never smoke another cigarette. Just being able to say that and know it's true is hugely liberating.I simply cannot recommend this product highly enough.


Angela, Manchester

Life changing!!! No more standing in the rain, no more smelly clothes and breath, my lifestyle has changed completely. I no longer have to work my life round my dirty habit. I feel so much healthier and happier, and I love and enjoy vaping more than smelly old cigs!!! Coming up for a year of freedom!!!


Suzzanne, Essex

Wow, ordered 3liquids on Monday and they came on Tuesday. Very impressed will definitely buy from you again. Many thanks



 No cigarettes for 3 months. ..amazing



I got the Cyclone CE4 eGo Electronic Cigarette for my dad he loves it.



Dual Coil Definitely produces a warm, rich and flavorsome vapor. Highly Recommend the iClear16 Clearomizer over the standard clearomiser.


Mike Lowe

Picked up my first proper e-cig from TABlites yesterday. Enjoyed the e-cig I got from my local corner shop, but this one from TABlites is just on a whole other level! 

Fantastic product!! 


Ashley, Leeds

I found the Manchester shop staff were awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I cracked open my Vanilla E-Liquid... oooooo devine. 

Will Most definitely shop there again.


Jack, Manchester

 I bought this product from your Birmingham store and I have to say first of all the staff are really helpful.

I was using it for work as well as smoking cigarettes and decided 3 days ago after getting the triple menthol e-liquid it tasted far better than a real cigarette.

I have so far given up smoking for 3 days (small steps) and I am finding that my cravings are totally reduced and trying to give up doesn't seem as daunting now.

Other nice liquid flavours include Blueberry,Cherry and Vanilla.
Great product and superior customer care - 10 Stars : )


Jason, Birmingham

My mum loves the Cyclone CE4 Starter Kit. Not bad after 32 years of smoking!


Dean, Huddersfield

Excellent service, fantastic product haven't smoked cigs since committing to this product. Recommend to all smokers, ditch the cigs and make the intelligent nicotine choice!


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