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  1. Quickview Smok Priv V8 Kit - Black and 7-Colour
    Smok Priv V8 Kit

    As low as £32.99 Earn at least 165 TABPoints

  2. Quickview Smok Priv One Red
    Smok Priv One AIO
    £29.99 Earn at least 150 TABPoints
  3. Quickview Smok Majesty Kit - Black
    Smok Majesty Carbon Fibre Kit

    As low as £69.99 Earn at least 350 TABPoints

  4. New!
    Quickview Smok Rolo Badge
    Smok ROLO Badge
    £24.99 Earn at least 125 TABPoints
  5. New!
    Quickview Smok Stick Prince Kit
    Smok Stick Prince Kit

    As low as £34.99 Earn at least 175 TABPoints

  6. Quickview Smok Stick V8 Kit Colours
    Smok Stick V8 Kit

    As low as £36.99 Earn at least 185 TABPoints

  7. Quickview Smok AL85 Alien Mini Black Red
    Smok AL85 Alien Mini Kit

    As low as £46.99 Earn at least 235 TABPoints

  8. Quickview Smok T-Priv 7-Colour
    Smok T-Priv Kit

    As low as £59.99 Earn at least 300 TABPoints

  9. Quickview Smok Procolor 7-Colour
    Smok Procolor Kit

    As low as £44.99 Earn at least 225 TABPoints

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9 Items

Smok Vaping Kits

Smoktech are world renowned for their vape kits, whether they're e cigarette starter kits or advanced vaping kits, Smok offer something to suit practically any vaper!

Each Smok Vape Kit and Smok Starter Kit on the TABlites website is designed to give you everything you need to get a great vape including kits that use removeable batteries, kits with built-in batteries, variable wattage kits, fixed wattage kits and even more variations to make sure you can find the kits that is right for you!

Every kit also comes with one of Smok's fantastic atomiser tanks which offer the versatility and quality to give you a great vape with lots of delicious flavour and huge clouds of satisfying vapour!

Advanced Vape Kits from Smok

Smok's Advanced Vaporiser Kits offer the very best in vaping to suit any pocket and any budget, with basic kits that have no fiddly settings to powerhouse mods with multiple mods and adjustments to help you get the perfect vape!

Smok Mods are well known for their quality built and cool designs, each kit from our selection is available in a huge range of colour options so you can totally personalise your vape!

TABlites Smok Kits Top Picks

  • Smok Stick Prince Kit - The perfect intro to Smok's fantastic sub-ohm tanks. The Stick Prince is easy to use and pocket friendly!
  • Smok Priv One AIO - With everything built into one compact package the Priv One AIO is the obvious choice for people just starting on their vaping journey!
  • Smok AL85 Alien Mini Kit - This powerful little kit is packed with settings to help you tweak your vape until it's perfect!
  • Smok Procolor Kit - The quintessential Smok Kit, the Procolour comes with a fantastic tank and not only lets you control your power output but even the screen and lights on the device itself!

Grab your new Smok Kit from TABlites today!