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Why is the E-Liquid in my Clearomizer Turning Dark?

Vape atomisers the basics

Every atomizer works by heating e-liquid into a vapour and in the process of heating the e-liquid will reduce, meaning that a little of the ingredients in the base liquid will be left when the base liquid evaporates. Over time this tiny amount builds up and darkens the e-liquid. There is also a little colouration from the wicks being repeated heated.

This is perfectly normal. It’s not even an indication that your clearomizer needs to be changed most of the time. If your e-liquid is very dark the clearomizer may be nearing the end of its life, but a slight darkening is fine.

After a while you may find that you are filling up new e-liquid onto a very dark residue of old liquid sitting at the bottom of your clearomizer/atomizer. At this point it would be advisable to empty that residue out before you refill just to ensure you aren’t filling good tasting new e-liquid onto overly strong or slightly burnt old e-liquid, this will let you get the best possible flavour every time.

Some e-liquids will darken noticeably faster than others, too, an already fairly dark e-liquid will darken a little quicker than a very pale or almost clear one.

We hope that helps.
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