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What is Temperature Control?

So what is Temperature Control?

You may have seen the recent addition to of some mods we call ‘Temperature Control’ or ‘Variable Temperature’ devices and you may be wondering what this means.

Hopefully we can help you to understand a little more about temp control devices.

Variable Temperature devices offer a similar system of customising your vape as a variable voltage or variable wattage device would. The difference is through the use of a Nickel or Titanium wire these devices are able to alter the temperature that the coil will heat up to and keep it there (within a given range).

Why is it important for the coils to be Nickel or Titanium?

In a standard atomiser you’ll find your coils are normally made from Kanthal. This is great when you’re using something that varies wattage or voltage as it has a constant resistance. That is, it’s difficult to change the resistance of a piece of Kanthal wire.

Temperature control coils are made from nickel or titanium because their resistance changes with heat. A hot piece of nickel has a higher resistance than a cooler piece. Titanium is the same.
(If you want you can even work out the temperature coefficient of resistance using this formula:

…But you probably don’t want to. Me neither.)

By measuring this resistance change the device is able to detect and set a temperature for the wire that is accurate to within 10°.

In very simple terms, the device knows what temperature the wire should be, and heats it up to that as quickly as it can.

Why is temperature control vaping for me?

What this basically means is you can find the temperature that makes your E-Liquid taste the best and stick to it.

It also means you can set the temperature just low enough that it still vapourises your E-Liquid, but doesn’t start burning the wick or the sugars in the E-Liquid.
Basically it’s going to make your coils last longer.

What temperature control device should I get?

At TABlites we have a few temperature control devices to choose from:

The Eleaf iStick TC40W is a great little device that offers 40watts of power in wattage mode. In this mode it uses a normal atomiser just like any other variable wattage device. If you switch it into Temperature Mode, though, you can use an Ni200 (nickel) coil and set your temperature in either °F or °C. This mod is just £44.99, which makes it the cheapest temperature control device available.

Click here to view the Eleaf iStick TC40W


For those looking for something a little more luxurious you might consider the YiHi SXMini.
Using YiHi’s very own microchip design, the SXMini offers tons of power in wattage mode, and a really accurate temperature control mode makes this mod stand out from the crowd. The almost obsessively designed ergonomic body of the mod, made from the highest grade stainless steel and aluminium makes it a beautiful piece that wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf in a particularly well-furnished livingroom. Again, this device will operate a Ni200 coil, no problem
At £169, you’re paying for the highest quality available.

Click here to view the YiHi SXMini

If you’re looking for the cutting edge of temp control then look no further than the Joyetech EVIC-VT.
This awesome little box contains a massive 5000mAh battery and will give you up to 60watts of power in wattage mode.
But the real fun starts in temperature mode; not only will the EVIC-VT use the standard Ni200 coils, but it’ll also use Ti (titanium) coils too! It’s one of only two devices that can do that (at the time of writing).
To be fair there isn’t a huge difference, but some people do claim that nickel imparts a tiny bit a flavour to the vapour, where titanium doesn’t. Is that the case? Well there’s one way to find out!
At just £84.99 and coming boxed with a Joyetech eGo-ONE atomiser and TWO spare coils, the EVIC-VT is an absolute steal!

Click here to view the Joyetech EVIC-VT


You can even turn your Kanger Subtank Mini or Nano into a temperature control atomiser using the Kanger Ni200 OCC replacement atomiser heads!

Click here to view the Kanger Subtank Mini Ni200 OCC Replacement Atomiser Heads


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