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Top 5 PG E-Liquids

E-Liquids are made with a base that is created by mixing together vegetable glycerine (VG) and a synthetic version of the same thing called propylene glycol (PG).

E-Liquids with a higher percentage of PG in their base mix will be thinner than their high VG cousins and provide a little bit more of a throat hit but slightly less dense clouds of vapour. Some people think that PG is better at carrying flavour too, but there really isn’t any way to prove that since flavour is so subjective.

Take a look below at our Top 5 Best-Selling PG E-Liquids, and see if your favourite is included!

TABlites Premium Range:
Triple Menthol

What’s better than an icy cool menthol with a delicious minty flavour? How about the same cool blast of menthol with THREE delicious minty flavours!?

Combining the flavours of three refreshing mints makes Triple Menthol a must have for menthol lovers!
Click here to grab your Triple Menthol today and get ready for a frozen sensation!

TABlites Premium Range:

What can we say about blueberry? This unassuming berry was the real workhorse of the vaping world for a long time.

But there’s a reason our Blueberry flavour remains so popular: with a perfect blend of juicy and sweet, and a fruity aftertaste that is sure to please! Click to grab your Blueberry e-liquid today and enjoy a fruity treat!

TABlites Premium Range:

A distinct combination of sweet and sour. This cherry flavour is aromatic and quite deep.

Perfect for vapers that like a fruity or dessert flavour with a little more sophistication but still simple enough to enjoy any time! Pick up a bottle of TABlites Cherry today and enjoy this delicious PG E-Liquid.

TABlites Premium Range:
Strawberry Cheesecake

For those with a little more of a sweet tooth, combining the ripe juicy sweetness of strawberries with a decadent, smooth and creamy vanilla cheesecake creates the perfect dessert vape that you can enjoy all the time! Plus, you don’t have to feel guilty about all those calories either!

Click here to grab your Strawberry Cheesecake today and enjoy a fantastic dessert vape!

Vampire Vape:

This top-secret recipe combines a handful of fruity berries with cool blue ice to form a flavour that is so good it’s sure to become a firm favourite!

That’s if it isn’t already. The sweet and cooling flavour will keep you coming back for more! Click here to grab your Heisenberg today and discover the flavour everyone is talking about!

Vampire Vape:

A fruity mix so delicious your mouth will water just thinking about it! An explosion on your taste buds!

This mix of tasty red berries is one of the most popular High PG E-Liquids ever produced.
Grab yours today and find out why! Click here to buy Vampire Vape: Pinkman

High PG E-Liquids have been popular since the inception of vaping and they’ve never gone out of style!

Put a few drops in your favourite clearomiser today and discover what makes them so popular!

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