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The Top 12 ‘Mods’ To Make Vaping More Enjoyable

Vaping, or smoking e-cigarettes, has now become a normal facet of everyday life. More and more people are turning their backs on the harmful effects of smoking regular cigarettes. We all know that e-cigarettes are a useful way of cutting down on on your regular intake – but how can you make the vaping even more enjoyable?

’Mods’ are an incredible way to customise your vaping experience. There are lots of options available to you; including the Smok E-Pipe ‘mod’ and the Smok Zmax Telescope. Both of these products help users to make vaping an entirely unique experience. They also offer a much a healthier and more convenient alternative to regular smoking.

It’s not the purpose of this blog to hammer home why e-cigarette ‘mods’ are useful (you can already visit our onsite page). Instead, let’s look at the best and most unusual ‘mods’ available on the market. Not all the products listed here are available for purchase at TABlites, but they’re so unusual that we had to include them.

Before we get started, though, here is a summary of what ‘mods’ are (for the unversed) and why well sell them at TABlites.

‘Mods’ and TABlites

‘Mods’, short for ‘modifications’, is an umbrella term for the variety of devices that you can use to customise your e-cigarette. They can be something as small as a battery monitor, but ‘mods’ can also be more unusual too. They can improve the aesthetic of your e-cigarette and even be a topic of conversation in themselves.

At TABlites, we stock a wide range of products from some of the leading manufacturers of e-cigarette equipment. This includes household names like ProVari and Smok Tech. All of our products, like ‘mods’, are used by our members of staff; so you know that you can trust our advice.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the top 12 amazing ‘mods’ available to make vaping more enjoyable.

  1. The Billet Box

We like to start things off with a bang, so here is the famous and highly-coveted Billet Box ‘mod’. This is a truly impressive device, made from aluminium and finished with a sleek adonised exterior. It’s made in the USA, however, so getting your hands on one isn’t easy.

Aside from the great features, the Billet Box is known for its seriously impressive design. It has a gorgeous retro aesthetic – in fact, it looks like a cross between a guitar pedal and retro sardine can. It’s durable, compact, and packs a serious punch. What more could you ask for?

  1. Innokin iTaste VTR

At TABlites, one of our most popular products is the Innokin iTaste VTR. This is a fantastic piece of kit which allows you to swap between voltage and wattage modes. You can also choose the strength that you like; making this an incredibly user-friendly ‘mod’.

Above the practicality, we absolutely love this quirky design too. The retro aesthetic and metallic colour is extremely popular with our customers. The ‘mod’ resembles something between a lighter and a handheld radio.

  1. The Hammer

Everybody knows that there is a huge trend for ‘mods’ which make e-cigarettes look like everyday, inanimate objects. One of the best examples of this is the Hammer Mod – allegedly modelled of the mythological descriptions surrounding Thor’s trusty hammer. Here is what it looks likes:

Unlike some of the other ‘mods’ in the blog, this one is actually pretty useful and isn’t as flamboyant as the others. It can be easily concealed and you won’t look strange vaping it in the streets. Plus, the sleek metallic design really is gorgeous – a must-have for vaping enthusiasts and ‘mod’ collectors.

  1. NES Controller E-Cigarette

If you’re old enough to remember playing on ‘retro’ Nintendo consoles, then you might enjoy this unusual ‘mod’. This mod comes with a built-in display which lets users too their battery usage – warning them before they need to re-charge.

Like many of the ‘mods’ in the list, the NES Controller has an overt novelty factor which makes it unusual and very quirky. It’s difficult to imagine how practical it actually is – but where’s the fun in wondering that, anyway?

  1. The Telescope

If you love gadgets, then you are bound to fall head over heels for the Smok Zmax Telescope. This handy device lets you see how much charge you have left but comes in a wonderful telescopic design. It’s small, easy to carry around, and is one of the more unusual ‘mods’ available here at TABlites.

In addition to its great design, the Smok Zmax Telescope also comes with built in battery compatibility, a low battery warning, and a reverse battery protection circuit. All of these features help to make this ‘mod’ one of our most popular products here at TABlites.

  1. Otto Carter Engraved SS Tribal Mod

In the weird and wonderful world of vaping ‘mods’, nothing can be too unique. If you don’t believe us, then have a look at the Otto Carter Engraved SS Tribal Mod:

This ‘mod’ was designed by legendary artist Otto Carter; a man famous for creating unusual engravings on a variety of beautiful objects. This vaping ‘mod’ was closely inspired by traditional tribal art, mimicking the natural form of plants and vines. However, like most of his work, this ‘mod’ has a dark side too. If you look closely, the patterns are supposed to resemble a bloodshot eye. This is what makes the Otto Carter Engraved Mod both functional and and beautiful.

However, don’t think that this kind of artistry comes cheap. You can expect to pay roughly $3000 (£1790) to own this gorgeous ‘mod’.

If you love Otto Carter’s work, then it might be worth doing your research and finding other examples of ‘mods’ that he’s customised. Some of his past creations, for example, include Aztec-inspired designs. These examples help to show that e-cigarettes don’t just have to be a useful way to cut down on your smoking. They can even be pieces of art in their own right.

  1. The Coke Can

If you prefer something more unusual and wacky, then you’re bound to love the Coke Can ‘mod’. Playing on the usual idea that Coca-Cola is bad for your health; here you have your own vaping ‘mod’ that allows you to smoke from the can. As you can see, the e-cigarette is placed inside the device and you vape directly through the straw. This is a fun way of making vaping enjoyable; it’s also a great conversation starter.

As you can probably tell, not all of the emphasis here is placed on practicality. This ‘mod’ is pretty large, making it difficult to carry around with ease. It’s also primarily made from plastic so it might be prone to daily wear and tear.

  1. The Steampunk Mod

If all of this seems a bit cutesy, then you might just love the Steampunk Mod. In terms of design and overall aesthetic, this is definitely one of the most unusual ‘mods’ in this blog. It’s made from copper; meaning that the device conducts electricity better than steel and gives users a stronger ‘hit’.

The ‘mod’ also features wonderfully intricate mechanical details. This includes clogs, exposed interiors, and a metallic quality that gives the ‘mod’ an incredible look: think turn-of-the-century steam engine meets Bioshock Infinite. How impressive is that?

While this is undoubtedly gorgeous, don’t expect to find it easily. Only a small number of these were ever made and they’ve been highly popular (as you can imagine). Nevertheless, they a great example of how ‘mods’ can be used to make vaping much more interesting. You might get some stares when walking down the street with this one, though.

  1. The Touchwood Mini

In the Victorian period, when it was common for distinguished gentlemen to travel with a pipe case, it was never easier to carry your smoking equipment. We’ve come a long way since then, but there’s no reason why you can’t be just as stylish. The Touchwood Mini is a glorious ‘mod’ which resembles exactly that: an antique smoking case.

This small ‘mod’ gives you all the benefits of vaping but in a an unusual wooden case. Although this looks great, it’s also highly practical too. You won’t need to worry about it scratching or breaking if accidentally dropped. As ‘mods’ go, this one is pretty resilient.

At TABlites, we love keeping an eye out for strange and extraordinary e-cigarette ‘mods’ and accessories. That’s why we’ve chosen this one for our countdown too.

  1. Screwdriver Mod

If you’re one of the those people that likes to keep others guessing, then you have to see the Screwdriver Mod. This was the first mod ever made; meaning that it prompted the craze for unusual ‘mods’ that we know and love today. It resembles (you guessed it) a screwdriver and offers e-cig smokers a quirky way to make vaping more interesting. Here is the design:

This ‘mod’ was designed in the UK and has been incredibly popular due to its unusual aesthetic and good performance standards. As vaping becomes more common, many users are looking for interesting ways to make their ‘mods’ stand out from the crowd. You can’t do much better than the Screwdriver Mod.

Unlike other products in this blog, the Screwdriver ‘mod’ is one of the few that actually seems practical. It wouldn’t take up much room and is less likely to break. Nevertheless, you might want to be wary of using it in public; screwdrivers aren’t the most friendly objects to carry around on your person.

  1. The Inhaler

You might have spent your years at school concealing your asthma, but this ‘mod’ has made having an inhaler more exciting than ever before.

The e-liquid is placed inside the device and you can smoke this ‘mod’ like any other e-cigarette. We can’t imagine that this is very practical – but it’s certainly a top contender for one of the most unusual ‘mods’ available on the market.

One of the benefits of this ‘mod’ is that it doesn’t actually resemble an e-cigarette. We don’t know why you’d want to conceal your vaping, but this would certainly do the job.

Who said Geek-chic has been and gone?

  1. The Pipe

If you’re still aching for nostalgia, then maybe you’ll like the Pipe; an impressive ‘mod’ which makes it seem like you’re actually smoking. This doesn’t really make much sense, if we’re honest, but each to their own. This ‘mod’ has a fantastic antique quality and is great for dressing up.

If you want to fully embrace the antique trend, then pipe ‘mods’ can come with a variety of accompanying objects. This includes leather cases and wooden boxes to store your favourite e-cigarette pipe modification.

The Pipe Mod is widely available from a range of manufacturers and is one of the most popular devices on the market. If you fancy the look of pipe mods but don’t want to look like Sherlock Holmes, here is a great alternative from TABlites. Now, is that a compromise, or what?

A Summary

There you have it; the top 12 most unusual ‘mods’ available on the market. Some of these products have more of a novelty value than others – especially the Coke Can and Inhaler ‘mods’. If you take away anything from this blog, it should be that vaping is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who wish to cut down on their smoking. So much so, in fact, that there’s a huge market to produce customised and unusual vaping equipment for e-cigarette smokers.

At TABlites, we consider ourselves to be experts in everything related to vaping. That’s why we’re opening up more branches across of the UK than ever before. Many of our staff are ex-smokers themselves, so we are able to offer our customers advice based on personal experience. We have tried and tested many of our products so we know exactly what our customers need.

Our business was first founded in 2011, by two brothers, who had a passion for sourcing and selling alternatives to mainstream smoking. We all know by now how dangerous smoking cigarettes are – so TABlites was created to bring people the latest products on the market to tackle this problem.

If you are interested in learning more about our ‘mods’, or have any questions, please get in touch with our members of staff today.

What did you think of this blog? Have we missed out anything important? If so, please let us know!


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