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Moo-ve Aside Other E Liquids, There’s a New Favourite at TABlites

Put your old all-day-vape out to pasture, because your new favourites have arrived at TABlites!

Moo E Liquids from sunny California have created a range of creamy smooth e-liquid flavours inspired by delicious milkshake flavours and ice cream.

Each Moo E Liquids flavour is made with a 70% VG base liquid to ensure that the bold, rich flavours are perfectly complemented by the big, smooth clouds of creamy vapour you’ll produce.

At TABlites we currently stock four Moo E Liquids flavours, so let’s inspect the herd:

Moo E-Liquids – Banana Milk

Sadly not everyone had access to the very rare and elusive Tropical Monkey Cow, so banana flavoured milk used to be very hard to come by.

Luckily some genius saw the market for this delectable beverage and had the bright idea of creating a banana-flavoured milkshake, which remains a popular beverage to this day despite the extinction of the Monkey Cow.

This tasty flavour has now been made into an e-liquid, through a combination of science and wishing really hard, and that hard work really paid off. With Banana Milk you really are getting the perfect banana milkshake e liquid flavour.

Moo E Liquids – Vanilla Almond Milk

Combining the smooth flavour of freshly made milkshake with the subtle flavour of vanilla and bold, nutty almond has long been practiced by people seeking the most delicious beverage imaginable.

Long ago monks in the Northern regions of Ceylon were said to have created the perfect Vanilla Almond milkshake, just one sip would transport one to a state of enlightenment, and it came to be known as Perfect Flavour.

Now we’re not saying that Moo E Liquids have travelled to the far reaches of the world, found the lost temple where the Flavour Monks reside, discovered the secret of Perfect Flavour, brought it home and found a way to put it into an e-liquid.

 But it’s possible!

Moo E Liquids – Strawberry Milk

Sweet and Juicy strawberries have been the perfect partner for fresh creamy flavours since time immemorial.

By placing strawberries into a fresh, cool milkshake and waiting 30 days and nights the Knights of Medieval Europe created a drink that was, by all accounts, awful.

Turns out it’s much better that the milk and the strawberries be as fresh as possible. Whoever thought of the ‘30 days’ thing was immediately stripped of all his titles.

 But how do you get the freshest milk and strawberries possible? By creating Strawberry Cows, of course.

That’s why the Moo E Liquid farm is home to hundreds of bright red and green cows, happily grazing away until milking time every day when the freshest strawberry milk in the world is harvested.

The flavour is extracted and placed into Moo E Liquids’ wonderful Strawberry Milk for all vapers to enjoy, probably.

Moo E Liquids – Neapolitan

The invention of Neapolitan ice-cream is a closely guarded secret because it’s a tale of familial dispute and betrayal.

The story goes that three brothers owned an ice cream factory. They were triplets, and identical in every way except for one; they all prefered a different flavour of ice cream.

One day a blazing row erupted in the factory; the newest ice cream was about to roll off the production line but the brothers had disagreed what flavour it should be, one wanted strawberry, one chocolate and the third wanted vanilla.

After flipping a rare three-sided coin (which incidentally came up ‘Knees’) vanilla was chosen, but this left two brothers angry. They each concocted a plan, but being identical in every way they concocted the same plan.

They would sneak in at night and replace half the ice cream in each tub with their own chosen flavour. They met sneaking in and decided to be fair they should each replace one third of the ice cream instead.

When it was discovered it was too late, but the public loved the triple-flavoured delight, so the story was hushed up.

Moo E Liquids have managed to extract the delicious flavour without the sordid history to create an E Liquid that’s second to none.*

*Historical references may be incorrect. Except the ‘delicious’ part, that’s all true.

Here’s some puns we made earlier…

Moo E Liquids, flavours so delicious you’ll be over the moo-n!

Moo E Liquids don’t have any calories either, unlike their real milkshake counterparts, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a heifer.

So stop grazing on other, inferior liquids and make a moo-ve in the right direction. Pick up some Moo E Liquids today!

What’s your favourite milkshake flavour?
Let us know in the comments below!

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