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How To Changeable Clearomizer Heads

A lot of clearomizers and atomizers come with the feature of changeable heads, which means instead of throwing the whole atomizer away when it burns out the user can swap a small part and keep the body of the device.

The part that needs to be replaced is the coil of wire that heats the liquid into a vapour and the wicks that take the liquid to the coil. These burn out over time and end up simply giving a burnt flavour and a lot less vapour. That’s just the nature of wire that is being heated regularly. In a changeable head atomizer this part can be removed from the tank that holds the e-liquid and the part that connects to the battery so you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. A new one can then be screwed in and the atomizer or clearomizer is as good as new. (A little flavour can be left over in liquid clinging to the tank and so on, but that’s par for the course with atomizers of any kind.)

A changeable head clearomizer like the iClear16 gives a big advantage in terms of saving money. Rather than £5-£7 on a new atomizer every few weeks you can simply buy a pack of 5 replaceable heads for £9.99, so if your atomizer lasts for two weeks before burning out you’ve got ten weeks of vaping before you have to spend any more money, obviously everyone is different so that time frame is just an estimate but they are significantly cheaper to maintain.

How to Change Replaceable Heads

It’s very easy to replace the heads in something like the iClear16.

The bottom metal part that connects to the battery is actually two separate pieces that screw together. If you unscrew this part you can remove the metal column with the wicks attached that sits in the centre of the clearomizer, this part is the changeable head. To change it, just unscrew the column from the base of the unit, throw the column away and screw on a new head. Once you’ve done that just carefully screw the two pieces of the base back together, fill the clearomizer with liquid and get back to vaping.

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