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Far E-Liquids Produced By Element Now Available at TABlites

The creators of Element E-Liquids have released three brand new lines of e-liquid; Element Emulsions Dripper Series, Far E-Liquids and Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds.

At TABlites we’re excited to offer these great new lines to our customers. Each range features 5 distinct, delicious flavours. We’re taking a look at all three ranges, starting with the Far E-Liquid range.

Far E-Liquids produced by Element

Let’s start off with the packaging Far E-Liquid’s bottle design is inspired by street art and graffiti, and the five flavours fit nicely with the bright colours and bold designs of that style.

Each flavour is made with a 75% VG base and is available from TABlites in 20ml bottles and containing 3mg/ml of nicotine.

Candy Punch

This flavour is a must have for any vaper with a sweet tooth. 

Candy Punch combines the bold flavour bursts of rainbow candy to give you a sweet explosion of juicy flavours.

Grape Vape

Grape Vape is described as a ‘full-bodied juicy medley of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes’, but the sweetness of this flavour makes it more similar to grape-flavoured candy than to the fruit that it’s named for.

If ‘purple’ had a flavour, this would be it. Not to be missed!

Neon Green Slushie

Neon Green Slushie is a zingy, sweet and invigorating lime over endless slushie ice.
The bright flavour is backed by just a hint of cooling that makes this quite possibly the perfect vape for a hot summer day.

Try it, you will not be disappointed.


Pineapple Bliss

Pineapple Bliss is a smooth, delicious fruity mixture of tangy pineapple, sweet berry and tropical mango.

Sweet and summery, this flavour will transport you to a tropical land far away.


Strawberry Cupcake

The flavour of a soft, freshly made vanilla cupcake with velvety pink strawberry icing makes this e-liquid a treat you can enjoy any time.

If you’re expecting cloying sweetness you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a well balanced flavour that isn’t too sweet at all.

Go on, treat yourself!


And there you have it, the new range of Far E-Liquid flavours, produced by Element, and all of them are fantastic (there’s a reason practically every member of Team TABlites now has a tank full of one flavour or another!).

Click here to see the whole range.

Next time we’ll take a look at the Element Emulsions Dripper Series; five flavours that combine Elements most popular e-liquids from the Element Dripper Series into new and exciting flavours that you just have to try.

Have you tried Far E-Liquids yet?
Which flavour are you most excited about?

Let us know in the comments below.
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