Which Vape Kit Should I Get for Stoptober 2019?

Which Vape Kit Should I Get for Stoptober 2019? 1

Which Vape Is For Me This Stoptober?

Stoptober 2019 is around the corner and thanks to recommendations by doctors and health experts you’re thinking it’s about time to make the switch to vaping. After all, according to a study by Public Health England vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes. Plus as the Stoptober campaign says: if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you’re 5 times as likely to quit for good!

But where to start? The world of vaping can be a little daunting to some people, but we’re on hand to give you all the info you need to pick the perfect first e cig!

At TABlites we have lots of Starter Kits that include everything you need to take the first step on your vaping journey. Each one comes with a battery, an atomiser tank or pods, and a choice of e-liquids to include, so there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a brief breakdown of all the different types to help you make your choice once you get to your local TABlites shop or visit our online store:

Pen-Style Vape Kits

As the name suggests, these vape kits sort of resemble pens! They usually have a long, slim, round battery and tank, and often they have very minimal options for changing how you vape. Some simply have a ‘fire’ button that switches on the battery to provide power and heat the e-liquid in the tank. Some will have variable-voltage settings, which allow you to change the power output to provide a warmer or cooler vape based on your preference.

These kits work well with high-PG and 50/50 PG/VG E-Liquids, plus Nic Salt E-Liquids too!

Some of our most popular Vape Pen Kits include our very own Cyclone V4 Starter Kit and the excellent Aspire PockeX.
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Aspire Pockex Vape Pen Kit

Pod Kits

A vape pod kit uses pods instead of a separate tank and battery. The pods are refillable, some even have atomiser coils that you can change out so you don’t have to get rid of the pod when the coil is done. These kits are designed to be pocket-friendly and easy to use, they’re compact, discrete and the perfect ‘carry around’ vape that very rarely have variable settings.

They’re the perfect partner for Nic Salt e-liquids, or any 50/50 PG/VG juice!

Our most popular Pod kits are the Smok Nord Pod Kit and the Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit.
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Smok Nord Pod Kit

Advanced Mods

We call them Mods because when vaping started people modified other things to be vapes. These days it’s just what we call more powerful, advanced vapes.
These e-cigarettes come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, some use removable rechargeable batteries, some have the battery built it, some are tubes, some are boxes but what they all have in common is high power output and a host of settings to fiddle about with.
These high-powered devices are designed to work with ‘sub-ohm’ coils and ‘high VG’ E-Liquid (we’ll talk about e-liquid in a second). This means they can produce lots and lots of vapour, which is why they’re almost always filled with a low nicotine strength juice (3mg and 6mg being the most popular). They’re a great fit for heavy ex-smokers.

The most popular Advanced Vape Kits at TABlites are the Voopoo Drag Mini Kit and the Geekvape Aegis Mini Kit.
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Geekvape Aegis Mini Kit

There, vaping starter kits demystified! Hopefully this has helped to give you an idea of what kind of vape you might pick up for Stoptober 2019!

Remember to talk to the staff at your local TABlites Store because they’re always happy to help you find the right device to suit you and your needs. You can also take a look through TABlites.com at all the different kits we have to offer.
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Good luck in Stoptober, and happy vaping!