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Are Nic Salts for you?

Over the past 12-18 months, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of salt based nicotine. Here we’ll take a closer look and explain the benefits to help you decide if Nic Salts are for you.

As the electronic cigarette industry continues to innovate at a rapid pace, we see new products hit the market almost daily. Some are a slight improvement on a popular design while others try to revolutionise the industry and push it forward into new areas. Nicotine Salts are certainly in this category.

One of the main things we hear from new users of e-cigs is “it doesn’t feel like a cigarette” or “I don’t feel like I get a good hit” as switching over to vaping isn’t quite the same as the cigarette they are still craving. Nicotine salts aim to bridge that gap by offering a smooth vape with a much higher nicotine content than what is usually found from a standard starter kit. We’ll get into all that a little later but firstly I’d like to explain a little bit about how nicotine salt differs from the standard nicotine we’ve been used to.

FAR NS20 Nicotine Salt eLiquid

What are Nic Salts?

Firstly, we know what you’re thinking; Salt?! How am I supposed to vape that?!

Don’t worry, it’s not the same kind of salt you use for cooking (or to sprinkle on a bag of chips). The name Nic Salt is misleading but comes from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants, which Nic Salts are derived from. The scientific definition basically boils down to using advanced scientific methods to extract the nicotine from the plant, rather than with chemicals.

Freebase nicotine (the kind we’re used to vaping in our regular eliquid) is made by extracting the salt and increasing the PH levels with chemicals. Nic Salts are made in a process which binds the molecules instead of increasing PH levels.

The main headline to this process is since the nicotine plant isn’t mixed with chemicals to extract the nicotine, Nic Salts are much smoother to inhale and have a much smoother throat hit. In turn, this means higher nicotine strengths can be used without almost any harsh sensations on the throat.

Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt eLiquid

What are the benefits of using Nic Salts?

The main benefit to using Nic Salts is the ability to use higher nicotine strengths while still enjoying a smooth inhale (and no harshness usually associated with going up in strengths). A common misconception in vaping is you want the lowest strength possible to avoid using too much nicotine. This usually just results in people vaping more to achieve the dose they require. With Nic Salts, and how fast they act, you might find you use your device less thus taking in less nicotine overall than you would with a lower dosage.

This will certainly benefit anyone looking to switch over to vaping as they’ll find the experience very similar to what they’re used to. The nicotine in regular e-Liquids takes much longer than cigarettes to be absorbed into the bloodstream. As the nicotine in Nic Salts absorbs much faster, the delivery of the effects are much closer to that of a cigarette (around 6 to 7 seconds from inhale to feeling the effects).

Nic Salts can save you money too. With the high concentration and the likeliness you’ll use your device less, a 10ml bottle usually lasts up to twice as long as regular Eliquids.

I VG Salt Nicotine Salt eLiquid

What devices can use Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts are available in a 10ml bottle which can be used in any sub-ohm tank just the same as a standard bottle of e-liquid but also in POD systems and AIO Kits such as the Mi-Pod device which was developed by one of the most innovative companies, Smoking Vapor.

The Mi-Pod is a self-contained system where the user simply installs a pre-filled pod (cartridge) into the device and vapes until the pod is empty. Each pod can be refilled easily up to 5 times each then are simply discarded. This is the perfect device for a new user as they get a very well made, easy to use device with the added benefit of a simplistic pod system filled with a nicotine salt based e-liquid.

Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

How exactly do POD Systems work?

There are two types of POD Systems, the first utilises removable cartridges that are simply used to house the liquid. They require no coil changes or battery replacement.

With these types of POD Systems, you just fill the replaceable cartridge with either 50/50 eLiquid or Nic Salts, pop it back in and get vaping! The Mi-Pod specifically doesn’t even have a fire button, as you breathe in the Mi-Pod activates instantly!

Aspire Spryte AIO

What about the other kind of POD Systems?

The other kind of POD Systems, such as the Aspire Spryte AIO Kit, utilise replaceable atomisers as well as replaceable cartridges. Some people prefer this as they can change out their regular coil for a specially designed Nic Salt coil, and visa versa.

Although not required (you can just use a single coil for either 50/50 or Nic Salt eLiquids), this kind of customisation allows users to perfect their vaping experience with a larger choice of flavours, nicotine strengths and levels of throat hit.

Glossary of Terms

Nic Salt – Smooth, high nicotine strength eliquid.
AIOAll In One, a device with no removable battery.
POD – A cartridge that is filled with eliquid.
50/50 – An eliquid mixed equally with PG and VG.

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