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Size of battery for use in vape products. When purchasing batteries there are a few things to look for in the specification. The capacity measured in mAh and the amp limit of the battery, for example, 20A.
Size of battery for use in vape products. Larger than 18650 and less common. When purchasing batteries there are a few things to look for in the specification. The capacity measured in mAh and the amp limit of the battery, for example, 20A.
Size of battery for use in vape products. Larger than 18650 and less common. When purchasing batteries there are a few things to look for in the specification. The capacity measured in mAh and the amp limit of the battery, for example, 20A.
A type of connection used in the vape industry. One of the most common with 99% of removable tanks using this style.
Advanced Personal Vaporiser (APV)
A not very often used term these days. A few years ago this was a widely used term to describe an electronic cigarette or vape device.
It is important to have the right airflow. Many devices allow you to change the airflow to suit your personal preference. A tight restricted airflow can increase the flavour of your vape. Whilst an open wide airflow can help produce bigger thicker clouds.
All Day Vape (ADV)
A favourite E-liquid that you could happily vape all day long.
Short for ampere, a measure of electrical current. E-Cig battery life is measured in mah (milliamp-hours) which is 1/1000 of an ampere.
An atomiser (spelt atomizer for our American friends)
Technically just the heating coil but often used to refer to clearomiser. There are several words used to describe the coil from the logical atomiser to some downright weird ones we have heard over the years.
Analog Cigarette
An older term most often replaced these days with the term traditional cigarette.
Aspire is one of the world’s largest vape manufacturing companies. In our opinion also one of the best.
Abbreviation for atomiser but more commonly used to describe the tank or clearomiser.
Base mix
The ratio of PG VG that is in your liquid. For example, a high VG base mix would be for sub-ohm vaping.
The power source in your vape device. Some kits have an integral battery that cannot be replaced, and others have removable batteries that can be swapped out for a new one when needed.
Bottom Coil Clearomiser
A clearomiser where the atomiser (heating coil) is located at the bottom of the clearomiser.
Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser (BVC)
A clearomiser with the heating coil in a vertical position. Think of a spring standing on its end rather than laying down. This allows improved airflow through the coil improving vapour production. More and more common these days from big companies such as Aspire, Innokin and Smok.
Box Mod
A square-shaped vape device. One of the 2 main shapes, the other being Tube Mods.
Build Plate/Deck
The section in an RDA or RTA to which the user would attach their custom coils to.
Cartomiser (Cartomizer in the states)
Found mainly on cig-a-like electronic cigarettes. This is a self-contained pre-filled cartridge with the heating coil built-in. These are disposable single-use product.
Ceramic Coils
A type of coil built using ceramic as the wicking material rather than cotton. Often advertised as having a longer life span and creating a better flavour with consistent vapour production.
Needed to recharge your battery. A simple charger would just be a USB cable but there are more complex chargers for charging multiple replaceable batteries at the same time.
An electronic cigarette that closely resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette. Our most recent cig-a-like device was the TABseries.
Clapton Coil
A type of coil build. A Clapton coil has a thin wire wrapped around a thicker wire (similar to a guitar string) This forms a coil with more surface area which is important for heating up the e-liquid.
Clearomiser (Spelt Clearomizer in the states)
A combined vape tank and atomiser with clear sides. This allows the user to see how much eliquid remains in their tank.
A copy of a branded e-cigarette. There have been plenty of fake products on the market which is why many of the brands now feature authenticity stickers.
Cloud Chaser
A vaper who tries to blow the biggest clouds of vapour possible.
Cloud Chasing
Trying to produce the biggest clouds of vapour possible.
…Bro! The plume of vapour produced when using your e-cig.
A coil is another name for the atomiser. It is the part of the e-cig that heats up e-liquid and turns it into vapour.
Coil Master
Coil Master is a well-known brand that offers tools and supplies for DIY coil building.
Cotton is the most common material used for wicking in coils.
Custom Mod
A mod that has been produced in a small number and tailored towards the user. These are often very expensive and hard to get hold of. More common a few years a go as they offered additional features and looks. The mainstream companies have caught up some what with this and now offer incredibly powerful and feature-rich devices.
Cut Off
A safety feature built into most vape kits. You will normally find over-charge cut-off, temperature cut off and short circuit cut off in your device.
Do It Yourself. In the world of vape, this can be mixing your own liquid, building your own vape coils or even making your own mods.
DNA Chip
A brand of control board found in some vape devices.
A mod that uses the DNA chip.
A harmful ingredient, which used to be found in some e-liquids. The levels were lower than that found in a traditional tobacco cigarette.
Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady is a well-known E-liquid manufacturer based in the UK.
Direct to Lung (DTL)
In contrast to Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping, in Direct to Lung vaping the vapour is inhaled straight to the lungs without being held in the mouth first.
Disposable E-Cigarette
Designed to be used once and then disposed of once it has been depleted.
Doozy Vape
Doozy Vape Co is a well-known E-Liquid manufacturer based in the north of England.
Double Drip
Double Drip is a popular e-liquid manufacturer of vape juice based in the UK.
The pull of air through your tank as you inhale. By changing your airflow you can achieve a tighter or more open draw.
Drip Tip
More commonly referred to as the mouthpiece. These used to be specifically for dripping e-liquid directly onto your coil.
This when e-liquid is dripped directly onto the coil within a RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser).
Dry Burn
This happens when there is not enough liquid in your tank. Creates a nasty taste and is not good for your coils.
Dry Hit
When you inhale on a dry burn. Not a great experience. Re-fill your tank and try again.
Dual Coil
As it sounds. Some atomisers use a single coil and other use two coils together. This increases the surface area that is heated and allows for more vapour production.
A solution of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (Vg), Flavourings and usually nicotine. Also known as e-juice, vape juice, vape fluid, juice and various similar terms.
A throw back here to the earlier days of vaping. Rarely seen these days this is a vape device designed to resemble a traditional pipe. Great fun for pretending your Sherlock Holmes but from the future but did not have a huge choice of devices or compatible components.
A manufacturer of vape hardware based in China.
Electronic Cigar
This is a large cig-a-like device, designed to mimic the look of a cigar. Not common these days.
Electronic Cigarette
(Also known as the E-Cigarette, the E-Cig or vape kit.) A cigarette where an atomizer heats the e-liquid which is then inhaled as vapour, rather than the smoke you get from a traditional cigarette.
Element Eliquid
Element eliquid is a popular American manufacturer of eliquid.
Ego refers to the type of fitting of a clearomiser or tank. The 2 main ones being eGo or a 510 connection.
The Food and Drug Administration in the USA.
Flavour Chaser
Almost the opposite of a cloud chaser. Someone who strives for the best flavour possible from their vape.
The ingredient in your e-liquid that makes it taste nice. Whether you prefer a more typical flavour such as tobacco or menthol or if you want something a bit more out there, the industry now offers a wide range of flavours to suit individual tastes.
Too much e-liquid in your tank can cause the coil to flood. This can lead to leaks from the tank and spitting/gurgling from the coil.
Geekvape is a popular brand of vape hardware.
A clearomiser with a glass sleeve rather than plastic or metal.
Or Vegetable Glycerin is one of the two main ingredients of an eliquid. A high Vegetable Glycerin content will give thicker clouds of vapour.
Han Li (Hon Lik)
Chinese pharmacist and the Inventor of the modern e-cigarette back in the early 2000s.
Hookah pen (E-Hookah)
Also called shisha pens. They had a short burst of popularity several years ago. Styled to mimic the handle of a hookah pipe and often prefilled with a range of flavours similar to those available with traditional hookah.
Hot Spots
Relevant if you build your own coils. A hot spot on the coil is an area that heats up quicker than the rest of the coil. If left uncorrected this can cause burning or bad flavour production.
Independent British Vaping Trade Association. The largest UK trade association set up to support the independent vape industry.
Lithium-ion Manganese Rechargeable. These are a common type of battery used in the vape industry.
IVG is a popular producer of vape juice located in the UK.
To Breathe in. Inhale vapour means to breathe in the vapour produced by your vape device.
One of the largest and longest-running producers of vape hardware.
Another popular term for E-liquid.
Kanthal Wire
A common type of wire used to build coils.
Another term used to describe throat hit.
Light Emitting Diode. The first e-cigs used to just have one led on the end to mimic the glowing light of a traditional cigarette. These days you can buy vape kits that are virtually covered top to bottom in LEDs. Not just for looks some of the LEDs show information such as selected power level and charging status.
When e-liquid leaks out of your vape tank. A common issue and normally easy to resolve. Get in touch with us for help if you experience this issue.
Not the Chinese poet but instead Li-Po stands for Lithium-ion Polymer
As in E-liquid. The fluid used to produce vapour and carry nicotine and flavourings for use in your vape kit.
Lithium-Ion Batteries
AKA IMR or LiPo depending on the construction.
Low Resistance (LR)
Error warning on some devices to show low resistance from the coil. Often means a new coil is needed or that the parts of your vape kit are not correctly connected.
Mechanical Mod (Mech)
A mechanical mod is a vape kit that has a battery with a direct link to your tank or RDA. They do not have built-in protective circuits and should only be used by those who know what they are doing.
Menthol is used for flavouring. Menthol is an organic compound made from the oils of mint.
A material used in the production of atomisers. Mesh has a much larger surface area compared to wire so is more effective at heating up your e-liquid.
Milligrams (Mg)
The unit of measurement used when describing the nicotine content of e-liquid. Mg is the most common, but you may also see a %. 20mg = 2%
Originally this term only applied to custom-built or modified devices. These days it is a commonly used term to describe mass-produced vape kits that are a step up from vape pen style kits.
Mouth to Lung (MTL)
In mouth to lung vaping the vapour is inhaled into the mouth and held there for a short time before being drawn down into the lungs. High nicotine level e-liquids are most often vaped this way.
Often referred to as the drip tip this is the part of your electronic cigarette that you place on your lips to inhale.
Milli amp-hour (1/1000th of an amp hour) used to show the maximum capacity of your battery.
Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice is a Malaysian based producer of vape juice.
Nic Shot
A nic shot is an unflavoured mixture of nicotine and PG/Vg added to short fill eliquids to create a suitable strength for the user.
Nichrome/Nickel Wire
Nickel Chrome or nichrome wire can be used to build coils. These coils allow the measuring of the temperature of the coil, in devices with temperature control.
There are two different types of nicotine found in e-liquid the more common freebase and the newer nicotine salts.
Nicotine Base
An unflavoured nicotine solution, designed for mixing with flavours and other ingredients to create an e-liquid to vape. Comes in different pg/vg mixtures and strengths of nicotine depending on the desired final juice.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
The products used by people to try and quit smoking. For a traditional example, nicotine patches and gum. However, statistics show that the use of E-cigs is an effective method of stopping smoking.
Nicotine Salt (Nic Salt)
Nicotine created from the naturally occurring nicotine salts found in the tobacco plant.
The measure of electrical resistance. Used to measure the resistance of atomiser coils. See Sub-Ohm
Only Eliquids
Only Eliquids is a UK producer of e-liquids, and one of our most popular shortfill ranges.
Organic Cotton
Organic cotton, especially Japanese, is favoured by many vapers for use in building their own coils. It’s unbleached and offers great wicking properties without affecting the taste of your e-liquid.
Or a Personal Charging Case is exactly as it sounds. It is a case that can be used to charge your battery when out and about. Only really seen with cig-a-like devices.
This is the ability of a vape kit to both charge and be used at the same time. Very handy for when your battery has run flat and you don’t want to wait for a full charging cycle to complete.
Pen Style (Vape Pen)
A particular style of e-cigarette that is long and thin similar to a pen. Vape pens tend to be low powered devices suitable for brand new users.
Personal Vaporiser (PV)
An uncommon alternative name for an electronic cigarette.
A small proprietary tank designed only to work with one specific vape pod kit.
Pod Mod / Pod Kit
A Vape kit that uses a pod rather than a traditional vape tank or clearomiser.
This is the process of soaking your new coil with e-liquid before the first use. This reduces the chances of getting a dry burn or simply burning out your coils. Easy to do, simply drip a couple of drops of e-liquid directly into the coil and let it soak in. Then fill up your tank as usual.
Propylene Glycol
A colourless liquid that is used in the making of e-liquid. This is one of the main ingredients used. When selecting an e-liquid pay attention to the PG/VG ratio to find one that suits both you and your vape device.
Another term used to describe inhaling.
Feel free to contact TABlites if you have any questions regarding vape products.
Re-Buildable Atomiser. A tank that allows the user to build their own coils.
Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser. An RDA allows the user to build their own coils however an RDA does not have a reservoir for e-liquid. Instead, the user drips e-liquid directly onto their coil build and chosen wicking material.
A type of tank that can be used with DIY coil builds.
Measured in ohms this refers to the resistance of the coil in your chosen atomiser or vape tank. Typically, the lower the resistance the higher the heat produced.
Ribbon Kanthal
Kanthal wire but flat in shape like a ribbon.
Ribbon Wire
A wire that has been flattened to increase its surface area.
Riot Squad
Riot Squad is a popular brand of vape juice.
Ruyyan Cigarette
The first modern-day e-cigarette, designed by inventor Hon Lik.
Second Generation E-Cigs
Used to refer to tank-based systems and anything more advanced than your typical cig-a-like product, which is described as a first generation e-cigarette.
A rubber-like material used to enhance grip on some vape devices. Also available are handy silicone battery covers / sleeves to make carrying spare batteries around as safe as possible.
Simple Essentials
Simple Essentials is a UK based producer of e-liquids.
Smok is one of the world’s largest and well-known brands of vape devices.
Smoking juices
Not a commonly used term. However, people tend to describe e-liquid in any number of ways.
Not a hugely common practise. However, this refers to the action of squeezing a bottle of e-liquid which is directly attached to the coil in your device. Squonk mods are not particularly popular as they add a somewhat unnecessary step.
Starter Kit
An easy-to-use electronic cigarette. Suitable for most users.
Stealth Vaping
Deliberately vaping in such a way as to minimise attention. Using discrete devices with low vapour cloud production, to be able to vape in places not usually allowed. E.g., during distant cousin Gary’s wedding…
Steel Mesh
Another material used in the construction of coils.
Leaving your liquid to stand unused to allow the nicotine and flavours to mature.
A resistance of less than 1 ohm.
Sub-Ohm Vaping
Vaping with a coil with a resistance that is below one ohm. This is typically used with vape juice that is high VG in mixture.
Sweet spot
When you find the right mixture of settings you can describe it as having found the sweet spot.
A UK based vape company with nationwide stores, excellent customer service and a huge selection of products for all your vaping needs.
The tank is the part of your vape kit that contains the atomiser coil and the reservoir for your e-liquid.
Temperature Control (TC)
An option on some more advanced vape devices, which allows you to set the temperature you want your atomiser to heat to rather than setting the voltage or wattage.
Throat Hit
The feeling when the vapour hits your throat. Similar to the hit you would get when smoking a traditional cigarette.
Titanium Coils
Another material used in the production of vape coils. Not a very common one but it is out there for users who wish to use it.
A plant that contains nicotine and can be processed and smoked. With vaping, however, tobacco is only a flavouring and one of the most popular ones at that.
Tobacco Harm Reduction
Work done to reduce the harm caused by tobacco smoking. For example, helping people to quit smoking and use less harmful alternatives.
Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)
A piece of legislation part of which (Article 21) puts into places major restrictions on e-cigs.
Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR)
The newer updated version of the TPD as written into UK law.
USB Charger
A USB charger cable that has at least one of the USB standards of connection on it. The other end can either be a USB type connection or a specific one to the vape industry e.g. eGo
USB Passthrough
Please see Passthrough
A well-established vape brand.
Vampire Vape
Vampire Vape is a UK based manufacturer of vape juice. Their most popular flavour being Heisenberg.
Vape / Vaping
The action of inhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette.
Vape Juice
Please see E-liquid
Vape Liquid
Please see E-Liquid
Vape Mod
Please see Mod
Vape Pod Kit
Please see Pod Kit
A person who vapes (user of a vape kit).
Vaper’s Tongue
This is a loss of taste associated with vaping the same liquid day in and day out for too long. Swapping from one flavour too another can help with experiencing the full flavour profile of an e-liquid and stop your taste buds from getting bored.
Variable Voltage (VV)
Used to describe a vape kit that the user can alter the voltage of the device.
Variable Wattage (VW)
Used to describe a vape kit that the user can alter the wattage of the device.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
A clear, colourless, odourless but very sweet liquid used as an alternative to or mixed with propylene glycol. Used on it’s own by vapers who mix their own liquid. VG helps produce thicker clouds of vapour with a smoother throat hit.
Vent Holes
These are a safety feature found on the battery section of your vape kit. Designed to allow gases to be expelled from the battery in case of thermal runaway.
The act of hot gases releasing. This is why you need Vent holes on a vape device. Some battery housing use press-fitted parts that will pop off in the event of a venting battery.
A well-known brand for producing vape hardware.
A measure of power. 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second
The material used inside a vape coil to carry the liquid from the tank to the heating element.
Wick Liquor
Wick Liquor is a UK based producer of E-liquid. Their most popular flavour is Boulevard.
The plastic sleeve on the outside of a removable battery (18650,20700). If this becomes damaged it may be dangerous to continue using the battery, and the battery should be replaced.