Valentine’s Day Gifts for Vapers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Vapers 1
Valentine's Day Gifts for Vapers 2
Voopoo Drag Mini

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Vapers

When Saint Valentine handed his jailer a card signed ‘from your Valentine’, he never could have ever imagined a legacy that’s lived on for almost 1800 years. Valentines Day is a difficult holiday to give something truly unique to the ones you love. The standard choices can turn into an expensive gesture with flowers nearly doubling in price around this time of year. It makes sense then that more and more people are using this holiday to gift something useful and long lasting, rather than some overpriced flowers and chocolates that are gone within a week (the flowers that is, no doubt the chocolates are done much sooner).

No matter how easy it might be to grab some generic gifts for the 14th, your gift will always be more appreciated if it’s something that shows you care (and it’s not a bad thing to save yourself some cash). The average cost for flowers and chocolates for Valentines is around £50 which would get you a fantastic vape kit and E Liquid, but what kind of kit would be right for the one you love?

Lost Vape Orion Q

Already a Vaper?

If your partner is already into vaping then upgrading their kit is a no brainer. If they’re into Sub Ohm, you can’t get much more of an upgrade than the Voopoo Drag Mini. Stylish and robust, the Drag Mini is the perfect gift any time of the year. Are Vape Pens more their thing? The brand new Aspire Tigon is sure to tick all the boxes with its sleek design and exceptional flavour. Is your love a Nic Salt lover? Why not treat them to a palm sized Pod system such as the Lost Vape Orion Quest? The tiny all-in-one kit is ideal to carry around all day long.

The choices really are endless if your partner is already a vaper, and a gift like this will be remembered long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are eaten.

Cyclone V4 Starter Kit

Helping someone to start out?

If that special someone in your life has shown an interest in vaping, or you think it would be something they’d enjoy, starter kits are the way to go. Our Cyclone V4 Starter Kit is extremely popular with those beginning their vaping journey. Lightweight, compact and super easy to use, the Cyclone V4 opens the door to a whole world of flavours.

Starter Kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes though. If you want to grab something a little fancier the ever popular Aspire Pockex or Smok Stick Prince would be the perfect devices to get them going. Plus, since all of our Vape Kits (starter or otherwise) come with a free E Liquid , your gift will be instantly usable and saves you even more money!

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

For the advanced vaper in your life?

If the one you love just loves to Squonk or is into dripping their juice (and building their own coils), we’ve got you covered. The Revolver RTA by Vandy Vape and the Drop Dead RDA by Hellvape are two of the best rebuildables on the market. No vaper would turn their nose up at either of these amazing atomisers.

If they already have more rebuildables than you can shake a stick at, help them personalise their vaping experience with the Geekvape 6-in-1 Coil Pack. To help them with their latest creations, the Geekvape Mini Toolkit is the ideal gift.

Kiwi Strawberry Bubblegum

What about the vaper who has it all?

The one thing a vaper can never have enough of is E Liquid. I can’t think of any vaper alive that would turn their nose up at a goody bag of delicious juice, or who wouldn’t prefer that over some generic Valentines gifts. But what do you choose with so much to choose from?

We have tons of E Liquid Special Offers to help you out, but remember the kind of juice they can vape depends on what kind of device they use. A Sub Ohm device will need to use High VG E Liquid, whereas someone with an MTL device (vape pens for example) would need to use either a High PG E Liquid or a 50/50 E Liquid. Pod Systems can vary but essentially could use all of the above. These devices are perfect for Nic Salt E Liquid however, which deliver a high concentration of nicotine in an unbelievably smooth vape. 

Whatever kind of E Liquid you choose, we have a deal to match. Our Short Fill E Liquids are some of the lowest priced around and all come with a free Nic Shot. Some of our best selling Short Fills are available in the 2 for £20 deal. We have High PG, High VG, 50/50 and Nic Salts in our standard 3 for £9.99 and 3 for £12 deals, and some extra special bargains in our 5 for £10 and 10 for £10 mega deals.