Switching Smoking to Save

Switching Smoking to Save 1

Wondering how vaping can help you save?

Ever wondered how much money you can put aside each month? Whether it be an exotic holiday you’re after, or a focus on fixing the house, trying to cut down your budget through every way possible is a must. So how vaping can save you money is an incredibly enticing incentive.

Ever considered what the long-term gains of switching from smoking to vaping could be, and it doesn’t just include your health. Some of it might be surprising.

The Cost of the Change

It’s no secret that smoking is considerably costly, and depending on the extent of your habit can cost anything up to £15 a day, translating into costs of over £450 in average month. Although the outlay of an E-cig starter kit has to be factored into the equation, in terms of cost-effectiveness long-term, it certainly pips tobacco to the post. To put this into perspective, a single filled cartridge lasts approximately the same amount of time as a packet of 20 cigarettes-and is far less pricey to purchase.

The Cost of your Waistline

If you’re like most of us, a trip to the local for a packet of ciggies doesn’t just begin and end with one packet; there’s also the half price chocolate bar on offer, a newspaper or two to read and well, you get the idea. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, tend to be sold in specialist shops, so the ‘unconscious purchase effect’ tends be lessened. Good news for your waistline, good news for your wallet.

Long-term Savings

The great thing about vaping is that it enables you to buy in bulk; multiples of cartridges and e-liquids are widely available and like most bulk buys, offer especially good value for money. Many reformed smokers also report a natural decline in their usage when they switch over to vaping; the heady aromas of peppermint, vanilla, or whatever flavour you’re fond of tends to provide more enduring satisfaction, leading to decreased frequency of use.

In addition to this, there are also some subtler savings to be made. You won’t need to stock up on sprays to subdue the lingering smell of smoke, nor will you need to purchase matches and lighters; such savings may be small, but they all add up over time, making that long overdue holiday you’re hankering for one step closer each day.

Benefits of Switching

There are also a range of additional advantages that are less widely well-known, with choice at the top of the list. Needless to say, the scope of vaping products on the market today is staggering. From automatic and VV models, to the selection of e-liquids on offer, there’s something for everyone, enabling you to customise your personal preferences.

The health benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking are well-documented; tobacco cigarettes are made up of 4000 toxic chemicals, all of which are infiltrating your system every time you take a puff. In contrast, vaping has not being linked with any hazardous effects, making it a far more healthy alternative for those on the cusp of cutting down on tobacco, but still craving a cigarette.

It’s no secret that tobacco smoking certainly dulls your senses; if you’re a self-confessed foodie then your taste buds will thank you for giving up and switching to vaping instead. The taste of food is inextricably led to smell, both of which remain muted for smokers. By stopping smoking, your taste buds will come back to life; you’ll certainly notice their resurrection! That makes it all the better if you plan on indulging in some local cuisine on that fabulous holiday you’ve been saving for.