Six great TABlites accessories for under £15

Six great TABlites accessories for under £15 1

Once you have become adjusted to the electronic cigarette experience – whether it’s replacing traditional cigarettes completely or merely assisting you in cutting down – a good idea may be to get some wonderful accessories to help truly personalise the experience for you. Luckily, we are here to help and have compiled a list of them right here on this blog post.

Accessories will not only help you customise your electronic cigarette and allow you to project your own personality into it, but some of them will even make the whole e-cig experience much easier.

Featured below are six of the accessories that we think would suit any e-cig user, and we’ve picked out ones which range in price from under £1 up to £15. We like to think that they all make good gift ideas for friends or loved ones who’ve recently converted, or they could just be a good treat for yourself. We think you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for taking up electronic cigarette vaping in the first place!

Take a good look at the items below and if you need any more information then please get in touch! (Our contact details are contained within the penultimate paragraph, so don’t be shy if you’ve got anything you want to ask us!)

TABlites lanyard

This ultra stylish TABlites lanyard will prove an extremely wise investment. It’s designed to fit e-cigarettes from our Cyclone range and attaches securely to all of them. It will fit around your neck just like a necklace – not too long but not too short either – and will allow you to gain easy access to your e-cigarette.

This would be an ideal piece of kit for any e-cig enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors – for example, on a walk or a hike this lanyard would be a great addition to your inventory; it would allow you to walk and vape at the same time and would eliminate the need to dig in and out of your pocket every time you want to take a drag of your electronic cigarette.

Attached to the end of the lanyard is the piece which holds your e-cig securely in place – it fits right between the battery and the atomiser parts, ensuring a perfect fit.

This would be a great item to present to any new ‘vaper’ as a gift, or would be a good present for yourself! Also, if you’re prone to leaving things behind by accident – especially in restaurants and pubs where it’s easily done, this item will eliminate that risk and ensure that you don’t lose sight of it. It could end up saving you money in the long run if that’s the case!

Our Cyclone lanyard is a very popular item as you’d imagine, and you can buy it right here.

Ming-style metal drip tip

For those of you who don’t know what a drip tip is, it’s essentially an ingenious little device which was originally designed to make filling your e-cig back up with e-liquid a much easier process. It basically replaced your regular mouthpiece, and when you needed to refill your e-liquid you wouldn’t have to take it off (like you would with a regular mouthpiece). Instead, you just held your electronic cigarette vertically, mouth end up, and dripped (hence the name) the e-liquid through the mouthpiece and straight onto the atomiser heating coil. While we don’t currently stock ‘dripping-style’ atomisers these drip-tips will still add that personal touch to your e-cig.

These ming-style drip tips are incredibly eye-catching and stylish – they’re definitely a must-have item for any vaper who wants to inject a bit of personality into their e-cig. They come in a range of colours, such as black and gold, purple and pink, and green and black. In this range of colours you should find a scheme which suits your taste.

They’d make a great gift given their low price and the thought behind them – perfect for any e-cig user who is fond of gadgets and clever little bits and pieces. Even if you’re buying for yourself they’re a great investment to jazz up your electronic cigarette.

These particular ones will attach perfectly to e-cigs which have removeable 510 drip tips, and will also fit on CE4 and iClear16 models if you have a 510 drip tip adapter.

Have a look for yourself at our range of ming-style drip tips right here.

TABseries electronic cigarette case

One of the coolest accessories any smoker of traditional cigarettes can have is a nice and sleek cigarette case. Not only do they eliminate the chance of squashing your cigarettes when you sit on them by accident or lean on them, but they also add a touch of class to the whole affair. But e-cigs eliminate the necessity of a cigarette case, right? Wrong!

Our TABseries electronic cigarette case has the same aesthetic as your classic cigarette case, but is especially designed to fit your e-cig and all its components in. It comes in a slick black colour and has the TABlites branding on it.

The case clips shut and has an understated metallic trim which adds extra strength to the perimeter and ensures that it remains strong at all

times. It is designed to store TABlites rechargeable electronic cigarettes from our vast range.

Not only this, but the case can even fit in your USB charging device and an extra cartomizer – meaning that you can take your full kit anywhere! This is ideal for anyone who does quite a lot of travelling, and it will ensure that all your e-cig paraphernalia remains all secure and in one place for the duration of your journey. You won’t have to worry for a second about it being damaged in transit.

You can fit the TABlites electronic cigarette case into your trouser pocket or your bag, and this would be a great gift idea for anyone you know who has just invested in an electronic cigarette – you could even treat yourself! You can buy the item right here.

Innokin U-Can e-liquid holder

An incredibly slick little device, this e-liquid holder is well worth the investment. It’s both highly practical and stylish, but the main advantage is definitely the fact that it will make your electronic cigarette experience so much easier than you could have ever imagined.

With the Innokin U-Can e-liquid holder you can carry your e-liquid around with you securely wherever you go. This would definitely be something to look at for anyone who gets a lot of use out of their e-cig, as there’s nothing worse than running out of e-liquid whilst you’re out and knowing you have more at home – it’s just like when you run out of regular cigarettes (an unpleasant experience which we’ve all surely suffered at one point!).

This device will hold your e-liquid much more securely than the little bottle it comes in, so it’ll give you peace of mind that you don’t get otherwise. Its screw top is also stainless steel and screws on really tightly, meaning that you won’t have to worry about it leaking all over your bag or your pocket!

In addition to the added security of your e-liquid, this snazzy e-liquid holder will also make the e-liquid refilling process a whole lot easier – it features a needle tip e-liquid dispenser, which will allow you to pour e-liquid into your device much more accurately. There’s even a release button which means you can slow down or speed up the dripping function to whatever you like.

The screw-on lid of the U-Can also has a keyring hole fitted to it, so you can attach it to that and have it amongst your keys, or even attach it to a lanyard if you so wish (such as the one mentioned further up in this post!).

This would be a thoughtful stocking filler, a one-off gift or even a present for yourself. It’s well worth the investment, not just because of the added convenience it will bring, but the stylish look of the item itself. Here it is.

TABlites Cyclone eGo case

Like the abovementioned classic style cigarette case, this Cyclone eGo case is a fantastic organisation item, but is arguably a bit more robust and therefore a better choice for those who need to travel long distances.

This case is also a lot bigger than the other one, and allows you to hold not one, but two fully assembled electronic cigarettes, and then the USB charging device, additional atomisers and bottles of e-liquid on top of that!

It looks a bit like a sunglasses case and has a similar protective casing, meaning that your e-cigs will remain safe – especially when in transit. Its colour scheme is a classic black colour – we like the understated-ness of

this – and has a black zip which runs down both sides and the bottom of the case. There’s also a bit of subtle TABlites branding on it like the other case has, and the overall appearance is a stylish and not too flashy one.

Given that it’s well under £10 and gives you a great deal more storage options and peace of mind, this is a great accessory for any e-cig smoker – whether you’re a novice or a seasoned ‘vaper’. You can find the item right here.

Mouthpieces for the CE4 and the iClear16

For e-cig users who prefer the default mouthpieces that come with their devices, these replaceable mouthpieces are definitely worth investing in. You can have either the round one (which tends to be the default one you’re provided with) or the flat one (which is more like a whistle shape), and both are in a nice classic black colour.

They’re made from tough and resilient plastic, so they’re definitely not flimsy and are more than up to the job they were designed for. The metal thread will allow you to screw it securely onto the end of your e-cig and enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience.

At 49p a go, it would make perfect sense to invest in a least one just in case you should ever need it; think of it this way: a bag of crisps costs more than that these days! Here is the link to the page where you can purchase one, or however many you want.

TABlites accessories

Here at TABlites we’re all about customisation. We appreciate that converting – whether that’s fully or partly – to electronic cigarettes can be a difficult process, so we want to make this as pleasurable an experience as possible for you. The purpose of this blog post is to simply point you in

the right direction where accessories are concerned – we’re proud of our selection and think that they really do improve the experience quite considerably.

If you have any questions about any of the accessories on this page or on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us up on the phone on 0161 832 4311, or if you’d prefer you can reach us by email us at Alternatively, you can even come and pay us a visit in person! Just pop into one of our nationwide branches and ask one of our helpful and friendly members of staff anything you want. All of our employees are really knowledgeable and will of course understand exactly what you’re going through. We can offer you any sort of advice you might need, whether it’s to do with specific products or simply a bit of support.

What did you think of this blog? Do you like the look of any of the featured items? If you thought we should have included any other items, please let us know in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!

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