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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

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  • Christmas is Coming...

    Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about a gift for the vaper in your life. If you use electronic cigarettes yourself or know someone who does then now’s the perfect time to upgrade your vape and with the new year beginning just after it...
  • Did You Make the Switch this Stoptober?

    You probably did if you’re here, so welcome! By choosing the (95%) healthier alternative you’ve joined millions of vapers around the world who enjoy electronic cigarettes. Maybe you took advantage of our Vapetober Deals and have tried our tobacco flavoured E-Liquid, or menthol if that’s more your style, but did...
  • E-Cigaretiquette: 5 Tips for Polite Vaping

    We all love to vape, and we like to vape wherever and whenever we want which is fine in a lot of cases, but there’s no excuse for being an impolite vaper. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 tips for vaping without stepping on anyone’s toes. Take these suggestions...
  • The Evolution of the E-Cigarette

    You may be wondering where this marvellous, high-tech device came from. The modern e-cig was invented in 2003 by the chemist Hon Lik, the patent for the device was filed and the manufacture of the first e-cig was started in Beijing, China that year. Hon Lik with his invention Hon...
  • Vaping Statistics

    Click the image to view our cool Infographic! (Opens a PDF file) Statistics provided by ASH
  • Make The Switch This October

    This October make the switch to vaping with TABlites! We know you'll love it, and you'll see the benefits almost straight away! To help you out we've added all sorts of deals to our website, Take a look to find great discounts and deals on everything from Starter Kits...
  • Take the Vapetober Challenge with TABlites

    While E-Cigs won’t help you quit smoking, they are a safer alternative for someone who still wants their nicotine but with less of the harmful components of tobacco smoke. At least 95% safer according to Public Health Britain. So why not take the Vapetober Challenge with TABlites? 31 days of...
  • There's No Such Thing As 'Second-Hand Vaping'

    A study published in Journal of Chromatography A has proved that there is no risk from ‘second-hand vaping’. The study, performed by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research, measured the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhaled by people who inhaled air, compared to people who inhaled tobacco smoke and...
  • The Welsh E-Cig Ban is 'Misguided'

    Opposition parties in Wales are calling Welsh Labour’s decision to ban e-cigs in public places ‘A huge step backwards’. This is according to Welsh Tory Darren Miller describing any ban that may be put in place, while Lib Dem Kirsty Williams said the report “Contradicts all of Labour’s rhetoric”.  ...
  • Vaping: Then and Now

    After the tacit approval from the UK Government recently (declaring that vaping is officially 95% safer than smoking) we’ve seen a sudden rise in the number of people snapping up a starter kit and giving vaping a go. This is great news! It’s a major gain for public health in...

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