Geek Bar Vs JUUL 2021

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With the rise and fall of JUUL as the most popular vape product in America, we look at the most popular alternative available here in the UK the Geek Vape Geek Bar.

Back in 2017, JUUL by Juul labs had a 72% market share in the USA, this was due to the overly strict vape rules having a negative effect on smaller businesses and some questionable marketing campaigns that have since landed JUUL in trouble.

Since the start of the year, the Geek Bar has proven itself to be one of the hottest products around. With a huge social media presence and a struggle for some retailers to get their hands on stock, the popularity of the Geek Bar and similar disposable vape products doesn’t appear to be fading any time soon. You can check out our range of disposable vapes here.

Geek Bar

  • Single Use
  • Price £5.99
  • Flavours available 20
  • Battery capacity 500mAh (single use)
  • E-Liquid capacity 2ml
  • Puff count 575
  • E-Liquid strength 20mg (2%)
  • Design – smooth edges with rounded mouthpiece
  • Draw activated


  • Rechargable with replaceable pods
  • Price kit £14.99 / refills (4pk) £9.99
  • Flavours available 6
  • Battery capacity 200mAh
  • E-Liquid capacity 0.7ml per pod
  • Puff count 200 per pod
  • E-Liquid strength 17mg (1.7%)
  • Design – Angular design with sharp corners and mouthpiece
  • Draw activated

With these products being a good choice for adult smokers to make the switch to vaping it’s easy to see the popularity. That being said let’s take a further look at some of the similarities and key differences between these two vape devices.

Price comparison

For this, we need to look at the initial cost and how much vape time you get for your money with each product.

The JUUL starter kit currently costs £14.99 in the UK and includes the Juul device, charger plus 4 pods in a variety of flavours. The combined capacity of these pods is 2.8ml of e-liquid or roughly 800 puffs.

After this initial purchase, it is only the disposable pods that are needed as the battery is rechargeable. A pack of 4 Juul pods in the UK currently costs £9.99. Again this is a combined capacity of 2.8ml or 800 puffs this time in a single flavour.

The Geek Vape Geek Bars cost £5.99 for a single unit. The entire unit will need to be replaced each time as the battery is non-rechargeable. Containing 2ml of vape juice and claiming 575 puffs per unit the maths is entirely in favour of the geek bar on this one.

For the price of the Juul vape kit, 2 geek bars would offer you more vape time for less cost.

With a pack of Juul pods costing the equivalent of 1.66 geek bars. Again, the Juul loses out to the geek bar disposable pod.


Limited to only 6 flavours the Juul struggles against the current 20 (and growing) flavours of the geek bar. Both use nicotine salt e-liquid which gives a smooth hit but with excellent nicotine delivery similar to smoking cigarettes.

With Juul labs working under the premise that less is more, geek bar has followed the vape industry standard and is offering a wide variety of flavours and adapting to changes in the market quickly to bring out disposables in newer popular flavour combinations.

Both devices offer tobacco and menthol flavour which covers around 80% of users but having a huge choice definitely plays into the hands of geek bar reaching a wider audience. With even further choice available in the newer Geek Bar Lite range.

Available JUUL flavours:

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Berry
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Rich Tobacco

Available Geek Bar flavours:

  • Watermelon Ice
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Sour Apple
  • Lychee Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Mango Ice
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Banana Ice
  • Blackcurrant Menthol
  • Blueberry Bubblegum
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Green Mango
  • Geek Berg
  • Grape
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Lemon Tart


On a design front, both devices win points for very different styles. The geek bar is a rounded design with a clear outer casing over the top of a cool diamond pattern on the coloured plastic. Comfortable in the hand with no sharp corners, the device tapers down to the mouthpiece for an all-around cool design.

The Juul is strikingly different with all square edges. Even when charging the device is at a right angle to the charger. The only part, not 90 degrees is the e-liquid window which looks to incorporate some wild 45 degrees angles. Woah, calm down there JUUL.

Joking aside the Juul has a super sleek minimal design that lends itself more to discreet vapers rather than the bold in your face design of many disposable pod vapes.

For me, the JUUL takes it on this one. The simple design just works.


Not too much to say here other than that they are both draw to activate. This means that when the user inhales on the device the power is turned on by an airflow activated switch inside.

Both vapes give a consistent performance from start to finish although due to battery size the Juul will need charging before a pod is finished.

The Juul has a few added features such as a double-tap to see battery life, but nothing that you would think the Geek Bar was lacking.

It’s a draw on this one as there’s really not much to say. These are as simple as you can get in the vape industry, which is part of the reason these are both so popular.


With the US version of the Juul packing a mighty 54mg punch the TPD variant available here just doesn’t compare. A measly 17mg doesn’t offer the same satisfaction you see described in so many Juul reviews online. The Geek Bar UK version is 20mg which is the maximum allowed under the TPD, and is a standard strength offered in salt nic e-liquids. This makes it a good starting place to move onto a more permanent vape kit.

A tight draw makes the Juul much more restricted compared to the Geek Bar with its fairly open airflow.

While a tighter draw is more compatible with a traditional cigarette the easier draw of the geek bar makes for a more enjoyable experience.

So who wins?

If you are in the market for a cheap vape pod device, are new to vaping or simply want a backup device for your main kit, the geek bar is an excellent device to have.

Once you have factored in the cost, the flavours and the fact you simply can’t buy the version of the Juul people have been so positive about it really is an easy choice to make.

We wouldn’t look at Geek Bars or any disposable as a long term vaping product. The environmental impact is one factor but there’s also so much choice in vape kits with added features, designs and performance you’d be mad to stick to the basics for too long.

You can click here to purchase the Geek Bar or maybe you would prefer the Geek Bar Lite available here.