Cloud Chasing 101: Skilful or Annoying?

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In the vaping world, there are two categories of people. Those who wish to take up vaping as a genuine alternative to tobacco smoking, or those who see it as a world-wide craze that is almost looked upon as a trend. Those who view vaping as a legitimate route towards giving up look upon ‘trend-setters’ as fervently annoying, whereas casual vapers look upon those looking to quit as taking it too seriously. The debate about the true purpose of vaping is one that will last a lifetime.

There is, however, an aspect of vaping which continues to create division. Cloud chasing is seen as an art form, based upon who can produce the thickest levels of vapour. As cool as it looks in the streets or on viral internet videos, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Or is just another reason for vapers in general to continue to receive a bad reputation? Let’s have a look.

Cloud Chasing: Pros and Cons

The positive of cloud chasing is that the idea of creating such powerful clouds can be seen as a skill, something that is to be emulated in your fellow vaping peers. If anything, it shows off your impressive lung capacity! The ability to retain your breath for long enough to produce the billowing clouds that specific vapes produce is a feat all on its own.

However, cloud chasing can have its downsides. Not only does it burn out your coils and vaping liquid at a much faster rate, there is also a social negative. A lot of people find the act obnoxious, especially if you decide to cloud-chase in a public area, such as a smoking shelter. In these environments, you can be seen as rude and your actions can be deemed unnecessary.

How to Get Involved

If cloud chasing is something that moistens your appetite, then you’re in the right place to find out more! If you don’t fancy being looked upon as the workplace pariah, there are specific environments where you can show off your vaping skills! 

Groups of people tend to get together to have vaping conventions or shindigs, where the subject of conversation and the evening’s activities is to transform the room into an episode of Stars in Your Eyes. Tonight Matthew I am going to be…

However, if you feel like your skills are worthy of the big time, you can take your vaping ability on stage! That’s right, there are competitions held across the world where first prize is given to the person who generates the biggest/thickest clouds of vaping smoke – with the greatest amount of skill and prowess. Like most proper conventions and events, tickets are sold and there are workshops available if you’re a novice looking to get some experience under your belt. One of the biggest Vaping Expo’s is “The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2018” in Birmingham. 

Cloud Chasing: The Tools Required

So let’s take a look at the kind of equipment you’re going to need if you’re up for taking this seriously. First and foremost, you want to make sure you have the safest battery available. With the purpose of what you’re using the vape for, a cheap battery won’t guarantee longevity and it could make you look foolish on the grand stage!

From there, you want to make sure your e-liquid is of the right category. VG (Vegetable Glycerine) liquids produce more vapour than PG (Propylene Glycol) liquids, so make sure you purchase an e-liquid with a VG dominant mixture and blend. After that, the flavour doesn’t really matter, so long as you don’t pick a flavour that you know you won’t tolerate or leaves a sickly aroma in the air. This also applies for when you’re in the smoking shelter – not everybody is a fan of rhubarb and custard!

We suggest to go with a quality brand such as SMOK or INNOKIN.


The Most Important Aspect

You can go out and buy the most lavish equipment at the most premium of prices, but there’s one thing that is most important when it comes to vaping and cloud chasing. If you know your lung capacity isn’t great, don’t expect to be producing the largest of clouds.

Along with lung capacity, it’s all to do with the technique, as well. This applies to cigarette smoking as well, you have to know how to smoke! Cloud chasing can take months of practice and if you’re deciding to take it up at a competition, even more months of preparation.

There are ways you can improve your cloud chasing technique from a bodily point of view by altering your posture, focusing on your inhaling and exhaling methods and breathing through the nose at all times. The minute you start to swallow, that’s where it all goes wrong!

Casual vs Competitive

Don’t be fooled into thinking that competitive vapers and cloud chasers have the body of an Olympic athlete, because it isn’t usually the case! In a way, cloud chasing promotes a competitive event where fitness in terms of muscle and fatigue isn’t everything!

Also, every professional vaper started off as an ‘amateur’ who took up vaping for a bit of fun with their friends. Some sports have athletes who were born to participate – vaping and cloud chasing doesn’t really fall into that category!

Potential Risks and Dangers

If only for the safety of everybody who reads this with the intention of taking up cloud chasing, it’s wise to look at whether there are any risks involved. Whether people agree with vaping or not, at the end of the day it is a form of smoking.

The main threat when it comes to vaping is if the device overheats. Should this be the case, you have unfortunately invested in a product that isn’t built to last. The risks when it comes to a device overheating involve the malfunction of the ‘mod-box’, which if used continually could cause inhalation complications.

We always recommend that regardless of whether you’re vaping casually or professionally, make sure you buy from a respected retailer who can guarantee quality in their device range. Above all else – just have fun with it! Happy cloud-chasing, vapers!