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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

Basics and How To:

  • E-Cigaretiquette: 5 Tips for Polite Vaping

    We all love to vape, and we like to vape wherever and whenever we want which is fine in a lot of cases, but there’s no excuse for being an impolite vaper. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 tips for vaping without stepping on anyone’s toes. Take these suggestions...
  • How Do I Make Bigger Clouds?

    So you’ve been vaping for a little while and you’re enjoying it, but you’ve seen some people exhaling what can only be described as torrents of vapour and you’re wondering ‘What am I doing wrong? Why aren’t my clouds that big?’ Well don’t worry, you aren’t doing anything ‘wrong’, you’re...
  • The TABlites Electronic Cigarette Glossary

    Electronic Cigarettes have evolved over the years to encompass lots of new ideas, new technology and new people. All this innovation has lead to a bit of jargon being added to the lexicon. Terms that you may not have heard before; things that are solely related to vaping and quite...
  • I Like [X Flavour Liquid], Any Suggestions?

    Here at TABlites we are always happy to help, and part of that help is making sure you get the right products for you. As such we’re always happy to make suggestions based on your e-liquid preferences.

    I will say right now, though, that everyone’s tastes are different so it’s entirely possible that a liquid we love might be something you hate. My colleague is a big fan of cherry flavoured e-liquid and I can’t stand the stuff, for example. Still, if we know what you already like we can at least help you find something similar or a bit different based on that.

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  • I Cough When I Use An Electronic Cigarette. Why Is That?

    The first time you use an electronic cigarette it would be surprising if you didn’t cough. Everyone seems to. I did. It’s mainly because a vapour is an entirely different sensation to smoke, which you will be used to. Secondly on the first try most people will directly inhale into their lungs like with a cigarette; most e-cig users quickly find themselves taking the vapour into their mouth first before inhaling properly, a direct ‘lung hit’ from an e-cig gives quite a big kick and many people don’t expect it.

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  • Why Do I Need To Change My Atomizer Regularly?

    Atomizers work by passing an electrical current through a wire coiled around a wicking material. Over time the coil of the wire will start to burn and collect dry remnants of e-liquid, and the wicking material will start to burn as it stops moving the e-liquid as efficiently as it once did.

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  • Why is the E-Liquid in my Clearomizer Turning Dark?

    Every atomizer works by heating e-liquid into a vapour and in the process of heating the e-liquid will reduce, meaning that a little of the ingredients in the base liquid will be left when the base liquid evaporates. Over time this tiny amount builds up and darkens the e-liquid. There is also a little colouration from the wicks being repeated heated.

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  • How To: Changeable Clearomizer Heads

    A lot of clearomizers and atomizers come with the feature of changeable heads, which means instead of throwing the whole atomizer away when it burns out the user can swap a small part and keep the body of the device.

    The part that needs to be replaced is the coil of wire that heats the liquid into a vapour and the wicks that take the liquid to the coil. These burn out over time and end up simply giving a burnt flavour and a lot less vapour. That’s just the nature of wire that is being heated regularly. In a changeable head atomizer this part can be removed from the tank that holds the e-liquid and the part that connects to the battery so you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. A new one can then be screwed in and the atomizer or clearomizer is as good as new. (A little flavour can be left over in liquid clinging to the tank and so on, but that’s par for the course with atomizers of any kind.)

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  • What Does Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage Mean?

    If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, or you’re looking for a new model, you may have seen the terms ‘variable voltage’ and ‘variable wattage’ (or ‘VV/VW’) plastered around.

    It can be a little confusing to know what these terms mean, but hopefully we can help out.

    We’ve added brief descriptions for each right here so you can get a general idea of what you’re looking at.

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