Should I Buy My Vaping Gear Online or In-Store?

Should I Buy My Vaping Gear Online or In-Store? 1

Getting into the world of vaping is incredibly easy, yet at the same time there are different avenues you can take. Do you pick the brains of a vaping friend? Do your research online? Or do you just hover around the smoking shelter and just watch on in amazement?

If you’re looking into becoming a vaper and don’t really know where to start, then you’re in the right place. Allow us to show you the options you have at your disposal, making your introduction into vaping as seamless as possible.

What Gear is Required?

Before we go into where you can buy the necessary gear, let’s first take a look at what makes a vaporiser. First, you’re going to need what is called a mod box. This is the main electrical component of an e-cigarette, the nucleus that powers the entire device. If you pick a decent quality mod box, you’re already on the way to guaranteeing longevity and vaping clouds aplenty.

Once you’ve chosen your mod box, next you need your tank. Now, times have changed since e-cigarettes became the latest trend and the UK government has taken action. Previously, you could buy tanks up to 10ml, however these have now been banned and the maximum size is 2ml. Refilling frequency increases and so does the e-liquid consumption.

Next you’ll need your coils. These tend to need replacing between every 4-6 weeks, dependent on frequency of use. Should you continue to use a burnt coil, then be prepared for a swift hit to the back of the throat! Trust us, it isn’t a nice experience.

Finally, to complete the package, you will need your e-cig liquid. This is arguably the most important choice you have to make because once you fill your tank with a specific flavour, it is incredibly hard to get the taste out of the tank should you decide to switch flavours. If you know you’re going to vape different flavours, we would recommend buying separate tanks to accommodate the various flavours.

Perks of Buying Vaping Gear In-Store

Now let’s take a look at purchasing your vaping gear in-store. For novices and beginners, the idea of buying your gear in person is extremely handy. Not only do you get a feel of the products before you buy them, but you also get the chance to ask the experts any questions.

Vaping gurus are any beginning vaper’s best friend, as they impart their wisdom and experience on those looking to walk in the same footsteps. Quite poetic, if you think about it!

Shops which specialise in vaping equipment are becoming frequently popular. One big bonus is trying the different flavours in the shop itself, as they obtain a special license that allows the presence of e-cigarette smoking/vaping.

One potential downside is that your ‘local’ vaping shop might not be so local, so it could require a bit of travelling in order to obtain your purchase. The question on whether it’s worth the effort is down to you and your ability to travel. You can search for TABlites stores near you here.

Perks of Buying Vaping Gear Online

Online shopping is such a large part of our society now, it is nigh-on impossible to ignore it. Almost every retailer now has an online shopping aspect tied to their name, making shopping more convenient and effortless. Buying vaping equipment is no different.

The beauty of purchasing vaping gear online is that so many retailers have a section dedicated to such products, you’re spoilt for choice. This is where your research skills come into play, trying to determine which company is the most reliable. Reading customer reviews can go a long way to helping you make that decision!

You can browse at your own pace and as much as you like, knowing you’re not holding up the person behind you, which would be the case in-store. Simply build your basket up and check-out with ease. Simple!

There are a couple of things to remember, though. You don’t get that expert advice face-to-face should you decide to go online and you also have to wait for the delivery. Granted, delivery timescales are ridiculously efficient nowadays, but it still isn’t the instant purchase you get in-store.

The Best Way Forward

Until you get a good grasp on the industry and the technical requirements, it would be best if you started off buying your vaping gear in-store. From there, you can branch out and order everything at the click of a button.

Some retailers do offer to collect your goods in store when ordering online, so there’s an example of getting the best of both worlds! Order online, collect in-store and you still get that expert advice along the way.

Whichever route you take, you’re diving into the unfathomable worldwide craze that is vaping and the best of British to you! Let your horizons expand as you smoke a raspberry tart because in this world, that amongst many other things is possible!