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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Five Pawns Returns to TABlites

    Five Pawns Signature Vapor Flavours are back!

    A little while ago at TABlites we sadly had to pull the Five Pawns range of E-Liquids from sale.

    This was due to test reports that stated the range contained high concentrations of two chemicals that may potentially cause harm, diacetyl and acetyl propionyl (AP).
    At TABlites the customer comes first, so we pulled these products and refused to sell them.

    Since then Five Pawns have gone back to the lab and reformulated their range from the ground up, reintroducing their five most famous and popular flavours as the Insignia Series.
    In this new range the amount of diacetyl and AP is massively reduced, well within the suggested guidelines and below a level that may cause potential harm.
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