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  1. Quickview TABseries USB Charger
    USB Charger For TABseries Electronic Cigarette
    £3.49 Earn 18 TABPoints
  2. Quickview Xtra MC1 Charger and 18650 Efest Battery
    XTar MC1 Charger
    Special Price £7.99 Earn 40 TABPoints Regular Price £9.99
  3. Quickview Micro USB Cable
    Micro USB Charger
    £1.99 Earn 10 TABPoints
  4. Quickview XTar MC2 with USB Cable
    XTar MC2 Intellicharger
    £9.99 Earn 50 TABPoints
  5. Quickview TABlites Cyclone USB Charger 5v
    TABlites Cyclone USB Charger
    As low as £4.99 Earn 25 TABPoints
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5 Items

E Cigarette Chargers

At TABlites we stock a range of e-cigarette battery chargers which give you plenty of options to enable you to keep your E-Cig charged on the go. We have a selection of safe, portable options to enable you to find the perfect match to your needs. All of our E-Cig chargers are low cost and pocket friendly. We stock battery chargers and USB chargers.

Our battery charging options include the XTar MC2 Intellicharger and XTar MC1 Charger. The benefit of using these chargers is that they are able to charge a huge variety of different batteries. The Intellicharger is slightly larger with two bays for charging which means you can charge up faster, It will also ensure your batteries are charged with the correct voltage so that they are protected from overheating.

USB Chargers

In addition to battery charging we also stock several USB charging options. We have the TABseries Electronic Cigarette USB charger which can be used for all TABseries E-Cigs and the TABlites Cyclone USB charger which is available in two different output voltages the 4.2v and the 5v the version you need will depend on the type of Cyclone batteries you are using.

TABlites Best E Cig Chargers