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FAQ - Mods

What is a mod?

A ‘mod’ is an e-cig that uses a larger battery and is often designed to use larger clearomisers.
Originally ‘Mods’ were everyday objects modified to fit electronic cigarette parts, but these days any box-style or large tube-style device is referred to as a Mod.
Click here to take a look at our ‘Mods’ section to see our wide range of mods to suit any vaper and any pocket.

Should I get a mod?

The decision whether or not to buy a mod is very personal, but as most mods offer more power and longer battery life than regular devices it can be a prudent investment.

Which mod should I get?

This, again, is a very personal decision. Many mods have practically the same functionality but in a different case. When choosing between mods see which have the features you’re looking for and decide based on what you prefer. There is also the ‘cool’ factor; if you like the way a certain mod looks or feels then that can affect your decision as well.

What tanks can I use?

Mods are designed to be usable with practically any atomiser, although most will have a 510 connection that does not allow you to use an eGo-threaded atomiser such as the iClear 16 without the use of an adaptor.
The function of your mod will dictate which tank you would be better off using, too; a very high-powered mod would require you to use a tank with very low resistance atomiser coils like a cloud tank. If you’re aiming to use the mod at a lower setting you would be able to use a regular tank. The way the mod looks when combined with the tank might be important too, and larger tanks fit well with mods to be more aesthetically pleasing than a small atomiser.

How do I charge my mod?

Mods often have a micro-USB port, allowing you to charge them straight from any powered USB socket.
With mods this can include mains power adapters, as the larger batteries and regulating microchips are designed for that sort of power. Obviously safety precautions should be taken as with charging any device.
Some devices use removable batteries. See below.

What is Temperature Control?

Temperature control is a system that certain mods can use alongside variable-voltage and variable-wattage settings. By using certain metals in the atomiser coils (notably nickel or titanium, but also platinum very rarely) the mod is able to set the temperature that the coil reaches and maintain it to within about 10 degrees.
For a little more in depth info please read our Blog: What is Temperature Control?

Removable batteries?

Some mods require removable batteries for power. These most usually take the form of repurposed torch batteries with sizes such as 18650 and the designation IMR.
Batteries with high amp limits are used with very high powered devices for safety. These batteries can sometimes be charged while in the mod as normal, while others require a separate charger, often a mains charger.
For more information on battery safety please click here to see our ‘Battery Safety’ section.

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