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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

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FAQ - E-Liquid

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid is the fluid containing your nicotine and flavourings that is vapourised by heating the atomiser coil inside your clearomiser/atomiser.
It is almost exclusively created using a ‘base mixture’ of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), mixed with nicotine and flavourings. Sometimes a little de-ionised water is added to make the e-liquid slightly thinner although this is becoming rarer.

The ratio of PG and VG in the base mixture varies from brand to brand and often liquid to liquid; More PG makes the liquid slightly thinner and gives a little more ‘throat hit’, but PG is often described to be a better carrier of flavour.
More VG makes a thicker, smoother e-liquid with less throat hit. A high-VG e-liquid might be described as a ‘cloud juice’, a ‘Max VG’ juice, or sometimes a ‘Dripper’ or ‘Dripping’ E-Liquid in reference to rebuildable dripping atomisers where single drops are added directly onto the atomiser coil. This is because VG can create larger, denser clouds than PG, although some claim it does not carry quite as much flavour as PG.

How long will my bottle of E-Liquid last?

This will vary wildly from person to person. Some people use e-liquid very quickly, some much slower. It’s difficult to say how quickly you will use a bottle of e-liquid but we tend to find a 20-a-day smoker will use roughly 2mls per day if they are using an eGo style clearomiser like an iClear 16D. This varies too, of course, with some people using 10mls a day in a Cloud Tank as it produces more vapour.
There is no solid rule on how quickly someone will use their e-liquid though, and a bottle could last you any amount of time at all.

Can I combine E-Liquids?

You can. In fact by mixing flavours together you may find a new blend that you absolutely love. Blueberry and vanilla for example mix together to make a blueberry muffin-type flavour.
Give it a try!

Can I use E-Liquid that isn’t from TABlites?

You can use any e-liquid as long as it’s right for the atomiser that you own. For example, don’t put high-VG cloud juice into an eGo style clearomiser, and don’t put thin 18mg juice into a cloud tank.
To ensure you get the best quality every time you buy, you should always use a trusted brand like TABlites.

What ranges do TABlites sell?

TABlites like to have the very best selection available for our customers, so alongside our own fantastic flavours we often have E-Liquids from different companies around the world!
Trust us, if we wouldn’t vape it we don’t stock it, so you know you’re getting the best e-liquid around.
We’re always on the lookout for great new juices to keep our range fresh for our customers.

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What is ‘Cloud juice’?

‘Cloud Juice’ is e-liquid specifically designed to produce the biggest cloud of vapour possible. It has a very high amount of VG and relatively little PG, and is never usually stronger than 6mg of nicotine. Any more would make the resulting cloud very harsh to the vaper.
Cloud juice is very thick, and can only really be used in specially designed ‘Cloud Tanks’ or in rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDAs), where it is dripped directly onto the coil and wicking material.

Why should I buy E-Liquid from TABlites?

TABlites pride themselves on the quality of their e-liquid and the e-liquid we choose to stock.
We ensure that they are made with the best ingredients to give the best flavour and to make sure that it only contains what we say it does.
We offer loads of flavours, from tobacco and menthol to drinks, sweets, fruits and desserts, there’s something to suit every taste and every budget.
We work with some of the biggest names in the world of E-Liquid to bring you fantastic blends from all over the world.

Why does my E-Liquid change colour in my tank?

E-Liquid darkens in tanks because when you heat the liquid into a vapour you are essentially reducing it, making it darker. It is completely normal for a tank of liquid to darken somewhat.
If your e-liquid is becoming very dark very quickly that may be an indication that it is time to change your atomiser head/clearomiser.

Does E-Liquid have a shelf life? Does it have a best before date?

E-Liquid has a shelf life of about two years, after which you may notice that the quality of the liquid decreases.
We put a best before date on our e-liquids to ensure our customers get a fresh, high quality vape when they purchase from us.
If you want to store your e-liquid for later make sure you keep it in a cool, dark place.
Some people like to store their e-liquid in the fridge. There are some people who believe this improves the flavour.

Why can’t I taste my E-Liquid?

Being unable to taste your e-liquid could happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it means that your atomiser needs to be changed but more often it simply means you have had an overpowering flavour or that you have become ‘used to’ the flavour and it’s less pronounced. This happens when you vape one flavour for an extended period of time, or only ever use one flavour.
You can alleviate this by taking a break, or perhaps trying a different flavour for a little while.

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