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FAQ - Clearomisers and Atomisers

What is a clearomiser?

A Clearomiser is the part of the E-Cig that holds and heats your e-liquid. The name is a combination of clear, referring to the tank that holds your liquid, and atomiser which is the part that heats the e-liquid and produces a vapour. There are a huge variety of different clearomisers that look different, hold different amounts of e-liquid and produce slightly different temperature and texture of vapour.
Some are designed to produce larger clouds of vapour, for more info scroll down and read the ‘What is a Cloud Tank’ section.

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What is an atomiser head/coil?

An atomiser coil or head is the heating element of the clearomiser/atomiser, they are most often a coil of metal wire wrapped around a wicking material which is usually untreated cotton or a silicon wick housed inside a metal body. The terms are used interchangeably, but ‘Coil’ is sometimes used to mean the wire and wick part whereas ‘head’ always means the whole assembly, the ‘head’ houses the ‘coil’. The battery powers the coil of wire in the head, which in turn heats the e-liquid and produces the vapour.
Lots of clearomisers have replaceable atomiser heads, which allow the user to swap them out when they begin to ‘burn out’. This makes them a little cheaper to run than a fully disposable system.

How long will my atomiser last?

This is going to depend on a few factors. The thickness and sometimes flavour of your e-liquid, how often you use your e-cig, how high the voltage is (on a variable-voltage battery).
We often recommend that you change your atomiser or heads regularly to ensure the best flavour and vapour production.

How can I tell it’s time to change my tank?

You will know that your atomiser has ‘burned out’ when it starts to produce much less vapour than it did when it was new, or if the flavour changes drastically (they can even taste like they are burned if they aren’t changed soon enough).
Sometimes the wicking material can dry out and make it seem as though the atomiser has burned out, if you notice a change leave your e-cig alone for one or two minutes to allow the wicks to soak up more liquid and it should go back to normal. If it still tastes wrong it’s likely that the coil has burned out.

What atomiser head (coil) do I use in my clearomiser?

Every clearomiser that has replaceable atomiser heads will have its own specific type of head that it can use.
Quite often the heads are not interchangeable between different models of clearomiser, although there are exceptions.

What is the difference between ‘single coil’ and ‘dual coil’?

A ‘single coil’ atomiser is a clearomiser or atomiser which has a single coil of wire that is heated by the battery.
A ‘dual coil’ atomiser has two coils of wire, which can lead to a slightly warmer vape and uses a little more power, but also allows the clearomiser to vaporise twice as much e-liquid at once. This can lead to a more powerful sensation and sometimes can improve the flavour, although that depends on the e-liquid in question.
Some atomisers, like the Aspire Nautilus Replacement Atomiser Heads, use a single coil set vertically into the head, this allows more of the coil to contact the wicking material at a time, allowing for more vapour production and better flavour.

What’s the difference between atomiser heads that are ‘top coils’ or ‘bottom coils’?

Lots of clearomisers are described as ‘bottom coil’ tanks. This simply means that the heating coil is located at the bottom of the tank. This has the benefit of ensuring the wicking material remains saturated in e-liquid as it is always submerged. It also allows for a slightly cooler vape as the vapour has further to travel.
A top coil on the other hand has the heating element at the top of the tank, often with long wicks that hang down into the e-liquid. This means you get a slightly warmer vape, which can bring out different flavours as well as giving a different sensation to your vapour.

How do I fill my Clearomiser?

Most atomisers/clearomisers are easy to fill, and either involve unscrewing the mouthpiece at the top of the tank, or the metal part at the base of the tank.
Lots of tanks come with detailed instructions and if you’re still unsure just get in touch with us here at TABlites and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

What liquid can I use in my tank?

Every tank is different and many will be able to vapourise certain e-liquids but not fare so well with others. Most of the smaller clearomisers will not be able to use Cloud Juice for example, as it is too thick for them to wick.
If you’re not sure which E-Liquids you can use in your new atomiser just ask TABlites and we’d be happy to advise you. If you’re shopping online check out the Related Products at the bottom of the page to see a suggestion of what that tank works best with.

How do I make the biggest clouds?

Making a big cloud of vapour depends on a number of factors. You need to make sure you use a thick E-Liquid, one that has lots of VG in the base mixture (More on this in the ‘E-Liquids’ section) and a low nicotine strength. Thin, high-strength e-liquids (18mg with only 20% VG in the base mix, for example) can be very harsh when used in a Cloud Tank.
You also need a ‘Cloud Tank’ and a device or battery that is able to run at a high wattage and able to use low resistance coils.
If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to start vaping big clouds take a look at the Vaptio P1 Kit, which has everything you need to get going.

What is a ‘cloud tank’?

A Cloud Tank, also known as a Sub-Ohm Tank, is a tank specifically designed to make a large volume of vapour when it is used. This has the benefit of providing more flavour and giving the user a satisfying sensation and ‘texture’ of vapour both on inhale and exhale. It also has the added benefit of allowing a satisfying vape with a low nicotine strength e-liquid, for vapers who don’t want to use a high strength liquid.
It is usually a high-capacity tank and will use low resistance or ‘sub-ohm’ atomiser coils.
They are designed to be operated at a high wattage, meaning they are usually used on larger, more powerful devices.

What is Sub Ohm?

Sub-Ohm refers to an atomiser coil or head that has a resistance that is less than 1 Ohm. They are used in cloud tanks and are designed to be operated at a high wattage and with very thick, low strength e-liquid to produce huge clouds that the vaper inhales directly into their lungs, rather than the usual mouth-to-lung inhale.

What battery can I use for my cloud tank?

Cloud Tanks will most likely not work well with smaller, less powerful batteries like an eGo battery.
To run a cloud tank, or any low- or sub-ohm atomiser, you will require a powerful battery with a large capacity. Lots of devices have batteries built in and some require removable batteries.
The most important thing when looking for a battery to use with your cloud tank is a high amp limit. Using a battery with an amp limit that is too low can be dangerous when your device is running at 20w or higher, so be sure when looking at batteries to get one that is rated at least 30Amps.

Why is my tank leaking?

There are a couple of reasons an atomiser or clearomiser could be leaking. One of the most common reasons is excess e-liquid has gone into the airflow tube. This is easily solved by putting a tissue or paper towel down the airflow tube.
It’s possible that the tank has been cracked or otherwise damaged, which may cause leaking.
With some tanks, mostly Cloud Tanks, it’s possible that the E-Liquid you’re using is too thin and is flooding the atomiser head/coil, which can lead to leaking.
There are other factors too, perhaps the silicon rubber o-rings that seal the tank have degraded, or maybe any screw threaded parts have worn away or been ‘stripped’ of their threading by being dropped or similar.
If you’re unsure of the reason please don’t hesitate to get in touch and TABlites will help you to figure out what’s going wrong.

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