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FAQ - Batteries

What is an eGo battery? What is a 510 connection?

The term ‘eGo’ refers to the type of connection used on the battery. An eGo connection is the outer thread on the battery that certain clearomisers screw onto. The inner thread is known as a 510-connection. Almost every atomiser has a 510 connection, and some have both.

What is a ‘Variable-Voltage’ or ‘Variable-Wattage’ Battery?

A variable-voltage (VV) device gives the user the ability to adjust the voltage going to the atomiser. Each different device has set voltage range for the user to adjust between (usually between 3v-6v). As different atomisers are attached the voltage will need to be adjusted accordingly.
A higher voltage means a warmer vapour with a bit more throat-hit, for people who want a bit more of a kick. Lower voltages mean a slightly cooler vapour with a little less throat-hit for people who want a smooth vape.
Variable-Wattage (VW) does very much the same thing, but works slightly differently. Where on a Variable-Voltage battery the user would need to change the voltage setting each time a new atomiser head is installed just to ensure the best vape, a Variable-Wattage device allows the user to find a preferred setting (ie 10watts) and the device uses Ohm’s Law and the resistance of the atomiser coil to set the voltage automatically to always give that preferred Wattage.

What is a ‘Mod’?

A ‘Mod’ used to be something that was modified into an electronic cigarette. For example a torch or a soft drink can. These days the term Mod refers to larger e-cigs, many of which have removable batteries and almost all of which have some kind of variable-voltage or –wattage settings.
A larger battery with longer life and more power is the main hallmark of a Mod.
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What is a ‘Box Mod’?

A ‘Box Mod’ is a Mod as described above but in a box shaped device rather than a tube like the regular style of e-cig. The Box Mod is the most popular style of e-cigarette on the market.

How long will my battery last between charges?

The lifespan of your battery’s charge is indicated by the mAh (Milliampere hour) rating. For example the regular Cyclone eGo battery in the Cyclone Starter Kit is rated at 650mAh. A higher mAh rating means a larger capacity battery and longer between charges.
The speed at which the charge is used up is very different from person to person and depends heavily on how you use and store your e-cig, the resistance of your atomiser coils and the voltage or wattage selected.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Once again the capacity of the battery is measured by its mAh rating. A higher capacity battery will take longer to fully charge than one with a lower capacity.
The speed at which the battery recharges will depend on a number of factors including the age of the battery and the USB port you use to charge it. It’s difficult to put a definite number to it.
We do recommend that you don’t leave your charger unattended for long periods of time, however, as this can damage the battery.

How do I know when my battery is fully charged?

eGo Style Batteries: The USB charger will indicate when your battery is fully charged by changing to a green light. It is red while charging.
Most TABlites Cyclone batteries use the ‘traffic light’ LED indicator, where green means fully charged, yellow mean <50% charged and red mean <10% charged.
Mods: Most mods have either an LED light that will indicate charging by changing colour. Some may display this information on their LED display screen.
Some devices use separate removable batteries which require a dedicated charger like the Efest LUC Smart Charger. These chargers usually feature a LED charge indicator switching from red to green as above, although some like the LUC also have a screen that will tell you the level of charge in a connected battery.

Can I use a mains adapter to charge my battery?

We don’t recommend using a mains charger with any electronic cigarette battery that isn’t regulated by a chip (most Mods will have a regulating chip in them, but eGo style batteries do not) as it can damage the battery and may cause it to fail which could harm the user.

What is the overall lifespan of the battery?

A standard lithium-ion battery tends to last between 400 and 600 charge cycles (fully discharged and fully charged back up). This can take any amount of time and depends on how you use your E-Cig. After this time you may find your battery is not performing as well as it did when it was new and you may want to replace it. We recommend picking up a new battery every 3 to 6 months to make sure you get the best experience.
This is not a guarantee though, some batteries may last not quite as long and some may last much longer.

How do I look after my battery?

In order to get the most out of your e cigarette battery here are a few tips that may prolong the life, capacity and power of the device.
The battery comes semi-charged and we recommend using the device until it is empty before first charging it. The opposite rule applies to larger removable mod batteries like the VTC4;  while they do have a bit of charge in them these should be charged fully when you first buy them and before they are used.
Do not leave the battery plugged into the power unattended, overnight or for any extended period of time.
Try to avoid the battery making contact with metal objects (such as keys or coins), electrical current or static electricity as these may cause damage to the battery.
Avoid storing or using the battery in an area where it may get too hot.
Do not use a mains charger to charge electronic cigarettes unless told that you can.
Before charging make sure the connection is clear of any liquid or dirt by giving it a wipe with a tissue.

What atomiser fits on my battery?

All the batteries at TABlites use either an eGo-510 or 510 connection. Lots of the Mod style electronic cigarette will only accept the 510 style of connection, while any battery labelled as ‘eGo’ also has the outer eGo thread. Lots of Clearomisers utilise both threads at the same time while some, mainly the larger tanks, use just the inner 510 connection. Find out what connection your device uses and that will tell you which clearomiser/atomiser you can attach to it.

Which battery should I choose?

Your choice of battery is a personal thing; you want to find the right balance of power, capacity and size to suit you. By choosing a battery with a larger capacity you’ll usually find that it is physically larger than some other batteries. A higher power tends to mean a bigger battery as well.
Figure out what you want from your battery and what you want to carry around. Pop into your nearest TABlites store and take a look at the various options. Our staff will be more than happy to help you choose.

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